Bet and Malfie – the Greek silk scarves that will make you fall in love with silk

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A love story, that of Beethoven for Countess Malfatti, was the source of inspiration for Mariza Anezoulaki, the creator behind Bet and Malfie – the European brand of silk scarves, scrunchies and outerwear that is coming to sweep the US off its feet. Raised among textiles, colors, and threads in the family business, today Mariza is the creative director of flawless, high quality, and stylish silk scarves for women. “My creativity is guided by harmony, elegance and functionality, while our business model will be forever based on quality, respect and attention to detail”, she says. In fact, although in the market for just a few years, Bet and Malfie has already found its way to markets beyond its hometown in Greece: Italy, Germany, Italy and Israel, Australia and now the US are getting to love the brand of 100% silk scarves more and more.



The story behind the brand’s name will leave you speechless
While looking for a name for the silk project, the Bet & Malfie team came across Beethoven’s love story for Baroness Malfatti and all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The famous composer fell in love with the countess and looked for various ways to express his love to her. To impress her, in addition to the “Fur Elise” piano sonata he composed, he adopted a new personal style, incorporating silk scarves into his attire. This is precisely the importance an accessory can have, its function as a means of expression and a symbol of style. Soon afterwards, Bet and Malfie was founded to promote silk scarves as a form of high-quality, yet affordable for a wider audience, luxury.


Get to know how the Bet and Malfie silk shawls are created
Bet and Malfie features a wide selection of items, from long silk scarves ideally wrapped around the neck on a chilly day, to small square silk scarves perfect as head bandanas or even as crop tops! The brand’s foulards are digitally designed and then printed on digital printers. The designers use elements that depict real images, but they also experiment with painting and drawing. The silk fabrics are processed to become the perfect canvas for digital prints, then softened and finally sewn. Attention to detail is key: the material is made from 100% real silk; the quality is second to none and the way the scarves are folded and packaged is admirable. “Silk is a special and very beautiful material that I have always wanted to manage. It was its raw nature that fascinated me. Most of our customers, when they first take the scarf in their hands, are impressed by how soft it is and it’s the first thing they comment on”, Mariza points out.


Sustainability and no-waste philosophy as core values
In addition to scarves, Bet and Malfie’s collection features silk hair accessories, which resulted from the brand’s emphasis on sustainability and no-waste philosophy. Today, this philosophy governs the brand’s processes from start to finish. The fabric scraps that remain after the big square silk scarves have been cut and shewn are now used to create bandanas, scrunchies and ribbons to adorn hair. The packaging itself is sustainable, made entirely from recycled materials that can be used again as travel cases or storing boxes. Wonderfully colored and skillfully created, the delicate Bet and Malfie silk scarves provide endless possibilities for styling, day and night, spring and fall.


Do you want to know where to buy silk scarves? Check out Bet and Malfie’s online store and get your hands on an artisanal piece before they sell out! With free worldwide shipping and Christmas right around the corner, this elegant accessory will make the perfect gift for you mother or sister, best friend, or, well, yourself!

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