Beauty Made In Italy Spotlight: Herbatint

by The Daily Front Row

For 50 years, Herbatint’s all-natural hair color and collection of shampoos and conditioners have been inspired by nature and the well-being of women. Aiming to enhance natural beauty while caring for your hair is the spirit that still characterizes its philosophy even today.  Margery Kessler, senior marketing manager at Herbatint’s US distributor Bioforce, gives us the lowdown.

How was the company originally established?
Herbatint was fashioned from the founder, Michele Albergo’s desire to craft a hair color product that worked well but that left the hair strong and healthy. In the world of chemically-laden hair color only aimed at product performance, Michele strode to do the unthinkable. So in 1970, he created a totally innovative formula: a permanent hair color without ammonia, a first in the hair coloring world that also contained herbal extracts and had a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide. He believed that “producing a high-quality and highly balanced formula is a challenging task. It requires experience, precision, countless tests, and a strong determination.”

Why do you think it’s lasted so long?
I believe that Herbatint has lasted for 50 years because it has kept true to Michele’s vision. In following Michele’s model of experience, precision, and determination. Herbatint has continuously evolved over the years in terms of perfecting the formulation as well as meeting the modern demands of consumers today.


What attracted him to herbology in particular?
Michele was strongly influenced by a Swiss herbalist with whom he had an apprenticeship when he was young. He applied this knowledge of herbs, which had been passed down from generation to generation, for his formulation for Herbatint.

Are you launching anything new?
Well, I am not really supposed to let the cat out of the bag yet (wink, wink), but what I will say is our research and development team is hard at work. They have been busy working on leveraging innovative hair color technologies to help extend the life of your hair color while ensuring that it has the certifications and accreditations consumers have been looking for in their hair color.

What do you think sets your brand apart from other hair care lines?
Herbatint is one of the only permanent hair colors in the world to be dermatologically tested and proven to be safe, even for people with sensitive skin.

What do you think Italian hair care brands offer that is unlike any other?
That’s a great question! Italy has always been the vanguard in the field of cosmetics and beauty. Not only are the products coming from Italy fashion-forward and luxurious but they have created the most effective skin and hair care on the market today.

Are you seeing any unique hair trends for the fall season?
People seem to be trying new looks after having been cooped up at home for so long due to COVID and many people are looking for something different. It seems like they are willing to be a little more whimsical with their color. I think we will see some very interesting shades of fiery red and majestic purples.

What prompted you to create the Flash Fashion range?
Like many of the fashions coming out of Italy, we were looking to create exciting and vibrant colors for the women who wanted to show their individuality and style. We have been making the Flash Fashion range for quite some time now and have been really ahead of the curve.

What’s been the most popular seller throughout the years?
The beauty of Herbatint hair color is the ability to mix our 36 shades to create the perfect custom color. But our 5N, which is readily available in retail stores around the country and online has done very well. It is a beautiful warm light chestnut that seems to compliment many skin tones.

Any recommendations for consumers on how to select the right shade for their hair?
The best way for our consumers to select the right color and shade is to visit and go to the Color finder. We do highly recommend mixing our colors. It’s a great way to add some beautiful tones to your hair color.

What’s next for the company?
For the past several years, Herbatint’s biggest focus has been in fully understanding and improving their manufacturing and production process. The products, with their natural and gentle formulations, all tested on sensitive skin and enriched with certified organic herbal extracts, are conceived to offer the most natural alternative for an audience conscious about health and the environment. Since its foundation, the company has supported sustainable development to limit the environmental impact. Their newest improvement to their B-Corp rating is based on their Silver accreditation in LEED Certification or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the most widely used green building rating system in the world and is available for virtually all buildings and provides a framework to create a healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

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