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Bacon's Fragrant Foray

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Hey, delinquent gift purchasers (we’re often guilty of it too, darlings): does Dad like bacon? Are you still questing for a present for pops? (Yep, Father’s day is happening in T-minus 2 days…) Yankee Candle’s got the hommes covered with their Man Candles collection (was “Mandles” too close to mandals, aka sandals donned by men?). And their latest starring scent is derived from the greasy, meaty goodness that is bacon. Don’t balk: this iteration of bacon errs on the side of smoky hints of mesquite, making it pleasant to the nose even if you’re not a massive carnivore. Mmm, Bacon even got its own party at the Spotted Pig last month, complete with bacon martinis and a whole roast pig (anything involving April Bloomfield instantly endears us even further…) Burn one up for Dad! Or yourself. Chicettes need their bacon, too…

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