Aron Marquez’s Men’s Skincare Brand Ombre Men is Exploding the World Markets

by DN News Desk

The ever-growing acceptance of men’s cosmetics has boosted the establishment of many known brands across the globe.

There’s an increasing awareness amongst men across the globe concerning their personal hygiene and grooming, which has driven the demand of men’s skin care products over the past few years. Furthermore, factors like rising disposal incomes amongst the younger generation and retail entities mushrooming all over have attributed to the growth of these products worldwide. Moreover, the introduction of men’s care solutions sourced from sustainable materials that make the final product has driven the market to its all-time high. There is an increased amount of focus on products formulated keeping natural ingredients in mind, which is one of the major reasons for the industry’s growth. Aron Marquez, the creator of his men’s personal care brand, recognized this growing trend and established his unique range of products which guarantee a chemical free satisfaction. Aron says that there’s a universal demand for men’s skincare products, which has encouraged many skincare creators to enter the market. According to him men face myriad issues when it comes to their skin, even more than women in comparison, one can say, and this has encouraged beauty and personal care brands to capitalize on this need for men, offering products that target men of all skin types. Talking about his brand ‘Ombre Men’, Aron says, “Our entire range of personal and skincare products are paraben free, hypoallergenic, and easy on the skin, devoid of any harmful effects, and that’s one of the foremost reasons why our discerning customers appreciate the high quality of our products as they are far ahead in quality as compared to others which have stormed the markets. With a major chunk of market share, ‘Ombre Men’ has been on an expansive mode, reaching out for world’s consumers in a big way.

Aron says that owing to its all natural range, his brand is catching up major markets and customers who have used ‘Ombre Men’ products have given rave reviews about them, which is extremely encouraging. Major expansion plans are on the cards and the brand might soon see itself topping global scales in the near future.  To know more, visit or follow ‘Ombre Men’ on Instagram: @ombremen.

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