Amcon CEO Sean Pandya Assembles Award-Winning Teams for Cannabis Facilities

by Amir Bakian

Many countries have taken the initiative to legalize cannabis for medical purposes and allow it for recreational purposes too. The easing of the laws governing the use of cannabis has opened up the legal cannabis market and recreated skyrocketing demand for both the product and well-engineered facilities to grow cannabis cost-effectively. Cannabis industry players are searching for ways to dramatically increase both scale and efficiency in their operations. Sean Pandya, the CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc, is on the frontline in providing efficient building solutions for the Cannabis industry. Amcon is a licensed Electrical, Mechanical, and plumbing consultancy business located in Sunnyvale, CA. The company was established 35 years ago by Sean’s Father, Anil Pandya, and has specialized in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing designs. The company also focuses on complete architectural build-outs for industrial and commercial properties. Amcon Standouts in the industry thanks to their creative designs that come from their teams of well-motivated, innovative, and creative engineers. They are known for designing unique and efficient systems specifically crafted to fit the client’s needs and save them from future expenses and costly repairs. Under Sean’s leadership, Amcon has transformed from a solid business to an even stronger business. He has revamped traditional business practices and Amcon is doing exceptionally well.  He has taken the bold step and established an entire department dedicated to developing cannabis facilities. Amcon is a leader in innovation and technology, and Sean has assembled a team from his award-winning crew to focus on developing buildings and pharmacies for the cannabis industry. He heads the department, and since its inception, they have successfully created several dispensaries to enhance the use of cannabis primarily for medical purposes. His mechanical engineering team’s design was recognized with an Edison Award for their hybrid greenhouse for cannabis.

Earl on his decision came under extreme criticism from close friends and relatives as no one could understand his decision to venture into the cannabis industry. Cannabis is a highly stigmatized substance in society and a tough sell for a well-respected engineering firm. Additionally, Amcon’s previous work had primarily been in a different sector. However, his desire to take advantage of a golden opportunity and strong mindset gave him the confidence he needed to invest a significant amount of time and money into personally leading his company to success in this transformation. Recently, Sean has shown interest in the entertainment world, growing an audience as a digital influencer. He is taking the social media scene by storm with his luxurious lifestyle posts. His frequent posts have kept his audience constantly growing, signifying early success in another new venture for him.

Sean considers himself a jack of all trades, with his grit separating him from the average joe. He never allows his present success to blind him from pursuing even bigger opportunities. He believes that it is this mindset that has kept him winning despite many setbacks along the way. To him, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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