Ali Haseeb on the global impact and economic shift caused by 2020’s pandemic

by DN News Desk

2020 will definitely be a year that goes down in the history books. The Covid-19 virus brought the world to a standstill, and has made global dents in the economic landscape. The events will be studied for years to come, but their effects are immediate, and the way we conduct business has forever changed. In this article, author and branding expert, Ali Haseeb, comments on the global impact and economic shift caused by the pandemic and how to adapt to the changes.

The global quarantine impacted both individual and collective lives in a way that’s tough to document. There was no precedent for something of this nature. The stress, uncertainties, and confusion were at an all-time high for many people. Many lost their jobs as companies pulled the shutters on their businesses, and of course there was a lot of worry and gloom that engulfed most of the world. Haseeb says, “The global impact was actually more hurtful to the local businesses. The world felt the uncertainties, roadblocks, mounting pressures as they originated in smaller pockets of the world. As people turned within and to loved ones for support and strength, the world at large naturally turned inwards too and looked for ways in which it could have predicted the pandemic or had been better prepared to cushion itself against one. But the important thing is, we must learn to combat these situations. There are a few lessons from this experience. One; We need to collectively pay more attention to our health. Eat the right food, and stay away from harmful habits. Two: We need to learn certain skills that can generate us additional streams of income and we need to diversify and not depend on a single job. The only way to do that is to leverage our tools on the internet and start learning these things and applying them when we are NOT in a state of emergency. We don’t need to wait for anything to happen to start making these changes.  And I truly hope we have learned our lesson and rediscovered how valuable time really is.”

The pandemic made the economic health of the world look bad. Haseeb adds, “On a large scale, it has created big shifts in the stock market, making central banks in countries slash their interest rates. It has made borrowing easier than before, thus boosting the economy, but has also changed the way we see the education system and many jobs that can be done from home. We are indeed in a digital world where we must leverage these tools but at the same time, be weary of where we consume our information.’ The world is recovering and Ali Haseeb believes that as we heal fast. One thing for sure, the world will be a lot different in the coming years. We must adapt and leverage technology to work for us in this new digital age.

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