Sophie and Charlotte Bickley Get to Know Alexa Eshaghian, The New York Based Fashion Stylist, Curator, and Designer

by Sophie and Charlotte Bickley

Hi, everyone! Sophie and Charlotte Bickley here!  Today we’re meeting Alexa Eshaghian, born and raised in NYC, this fashion girl is just getting started and has a lot of talents up her sleeve! From designing jewelry with her sister, to sourcing vintage with her BFF, to now designing swimwear for brands like Onia. We  needed to get the lowdown from this go getter gal! 

Sophie and Charlotte- How did you get into the fashion industry and did you study fashion?
From a young age and ever since I can remember, I loved fashion. I have three older sisters, so growing up I always paid attention to what they wore and how they styled themselves. While I was in high school, I picked up the hobby of beading my own bracelets, which I then sold to friends, and soon after, established Alex Mika Jewelry, my first baby. Alex is short for Alexa and Mika is short for Michela (one of my sisters). Once I got to college, all three of my sisters were involved in AMJ, and I was in Boston (at Babson College studying business and entrepreneurship) overseeing the business from afar. Since, I didn’t have the hands on experience that I craved at the time, I started an Instagram page (@styledbya) to share my outfits and trends I loved, and from there established a clientele to style individuals and later ecommerce and campaign shoots for brands (like Onia, Moda Operandi, etc). I built a relationship with Onia, and post college set out to learn more about the industry in-house which was the perfect trajectory to work with a brand I was so inspired by. I started from styling campaign shoots to becoming part of the team as a designer. Most recently, I designed and creative directed my first women’s swimwear collection that just launched. Furthermore, between personal styling and my role at Onia, one of my best friends and I took another hobby of ours, finding the best vintage and previously worn designer items, and turned it into a business, Curated NY. Together we buy and sell vintage clothing and accessories via pop up shops and online. My overall path has taught me that loving what you do and doing what you love are synonymous- all of my ventures more or less stemmed from hobbies and it’s important to maintain relationships and have your hand in every basket you can.

Sophie- What is @STYLEDBYA?

Styledbya is a representation and reflection of everything I love. From my day-to-day style to my vacation outfits to the beauty products that I use to the food that I eat. I essentially use my platform to build a community and invite my followers into the daily life of Alexa, and more specifically, my closet. I’ve always been known for my mirror photos in my outfits (either hiding or showing a little of my face), and I love to work with fun, different brands that aren’t necessarily available to shop everywhere. I also love to find cheaper items that look more expensive once I’ve styled it.

Charlotte- What is your typical go to outfit? 

A- This is tough! My style ranges so frequently depending on the day, what I have going on or the season. I love nothing more than putting a cool outfit together with sweats or workout clothes and sneakers, but I also love to dress up for any occasion. 2020 was definitely a year to feel discouraged about your outfits with nowhere to go, but I continued to embrace my fashion sense because for me what you wear equates to how you feel and the energy you put out into the universe.

Sophie- Charlotte and I know this oh too well but curious to hear your opinion- is it hard to work with your sister and best friend?

A- I can’t say that it’s always rainbows and butterflies working with my sisters, but I think we’ve all mastered our specific responsibilities and respect each other’s opinions and decisions. In hindsight, I actually love it because without a doubt there’s always open communication which is imperative for a successful business. Thankfully Jenna, my business partner for Curated NY, and I also have the utmost respect for each other. We know what works best for us and the company and we both know our strengths and weaknesses to determine our roles and in turn success.

Charlotte- I’m such a fan of your jewelry line Alex Mika… What are your current favorite AMJstyles?

A- I’ve been loving all of the initial styles and anything bright for summer. My current favorite initial style is the Link Pearl Initial Necklace, which can be styled day to night, and my favorite bright piece is the Enamel Link Ring which adds a pop to any outfit!

Charlotte- The question we’ve been waiting to ask!!! How did you land your position at Onia? What are your favorite pieces from the Onia collection that you designed?

A- I originally got introduced to Onia through Styledbya and posting content wearing their swimsuits. Eventually I was hired to style their photoshoots, which led me to my position designing womens swim and RTW for them. From the Summer21 Collection that just dropped, although I am biased and love each piece, my favorite styles would be the shimmer collection and the new Kaia top. We tried to add a little twist to the classic shimmer swim that already exists by adding different designs like shimmer ombre. I have always found it difficult to find coverups and beachwear that are both flattering and fashion forward which Onia nailed with the new RTW items, they are great staple pieces to have in your closet for vacation!Sophie- Do all of the companies/ brands that you work with always trust your vision? 

A- I would like to say yes. I think with every endeavour of mine, I like to lay out all of my thoughts and ideas, but I’m also always learning and open to any constructive criticism or feedback. Working with my sisters and my best friend surprisingly works great because no one is afraid to be honest about what they think in relation to any of my ideas and we talk everything out together. Working with Onia has also been a great experience as everyone on the design team has their own knowledge and experience and I love learning more about what works / what may not and ways to bring new unique designs to the fashion world. 

Charlotte- I’m so obsessed with Curated! What is your favorite vintage item that you’ve sold recently on Curated NY? Also any summer Curated Pop Ups we should know about? 

A- Definitely this one pair of embellished Dior pants that were really unique and something that we hadn’t seen before. We have a picture of it on our homepage and people still inquire about them all the time! And yes! We’re actually working on securing a space downtown in NYC for the fall! We’ve been collecting amazing one of a kind pieces to showcase at our next pop-up, and as soon as we have details we’ll post them on our social media! 

Sophie- What’s next for Alexa Eshaghian and @STYLEDYBYA?

There’s a lot more coming! Aside from continuing work with AMJ and Curated NY, as my personal brand continues to grow, I am always thinking of ways to bring my fashion experience and ideas to life through a line of my own. I’ll be focusing on Styledbya more this year, so stay tuned. 


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