AET REMOULD’s latest Patek Philippe combines bright colors to create a different new classic

by DN News Desk

The rubber strap Biscay Green timepiece emerges as a classic by the brand known for remaking and remoulding the finest of the timepieces of the world. Many successful brands and businesses have proved their mettle by rising from the ground up through the years. The successes of these brands have even instilled more hope, positivity, and motivation among other budding brands and businesses across the world. However, not all have gone ahead in becoming unique success stories. Ever wondered what could be the reasons that might have helped a handful of them survive the competition and thrive in those overly competitive industries? Well, among several factors, it all boils down to the visions of the founders and the brand as a whole. Experts say that some of these brands attain massively because they focus on offering uniqueness to their target demographic while focusing the most on optimizing the tech advancements of the world.

AET REMOULD did the same in the watch remaking scene in the world, offering the finest of the timepieces at incredible prices while still providing the best quality timepieces just like it did with Patek Philippe, its latest rubber strap Biscay Green timepiece. Offered in ceramic, the Patel Philippe model comes in a 40.00 x 45.00 mm watch diameter in a Fluororubber watchband. Its rounded octagonal bezel has been attracting the significant attention of watch lovers out there who seek something new and refreshing, and that’s what this model offers, combining bright colors and providing customers with a new classic vibe to flaunt on their wrists. The octagonal bezel makes the timepiece an elegant and stylish watch.

AET REMOULD creates a new Nature Collection based on the Nautilus model. It took inspiration from the natural world and used a bold palette to give exciting visual experiences to the wearers. Why Biscay Green, you ask? Well, the skilled and passionate team at AET REMOULD mention that the timepiece is highly inspired by the Bay of Biscay in Spain. In the new Nature collection, the dial design has the color of the Bay, which exudes a clean, sophisticated and relaxed look; hence the name Biscay Green. Wearing this masterpiece makes people feel cooler and more rejuvenated as the product gives a fresh look reminiscent of summer and the beach. What’s even more attractive about the timepiece is that its light and delicate hue complements the refinement and simplicity of the dial, making it more eye- catchy as a magnificent piece of art. Its dial has a horizontal embossed motif, while the white ceramic case makes it look even more elegant. Also, the colored fluoroelastomer strap makes the product look aesthetically pleasing, capable of adding the oomph factor to the wearer’s personality. Biscay Green is yet another one-of-a-kind timepiece by AET REMOULD and is offered in a limited collection of 46 pieces all over the world. There is a reason why AET REMOULD keeps enthralling people with its exquisite watch collection, exuding phenomenal craftsmanship.

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