19 Year old Wunderkind Tarun Bhati and Digital Marketing

by Amir Bakian

Business opportunities are exploding in this new age of digital space. With the consistent advancement of technology and social media, a new crop of young entrepreneurs is setting the trend of business globally. Tarun Bhati is one such young talent with natural entrepreneurial skills who is scaling new heights with three diversified business ventures.  Bhati 19, is the owner of the venture capital company Oleada Capital, along with two other marketing agencies. He started his journey as a 15-year-old when he designed a Minecraft server to earn some pocket money without depending on his parents. He wanted to grow his money, so he came up with innovative investment plans and started Oleada Capital. The company allows investors to fund businesses based in New Delhi and earn handsome returns within a short period. This venture capital company has helped several businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a consistent source of investment for them. The company has also benefited investors giving them higher returns compared to the present market value.

Bhati wanted to explore the marketing field and the potential business opportunities there. He started his next venture with Prior Public, a marketing agency promoting brands to accelerate their growth. The agency helps brands take their message to highly targeted customers, increasing their revenue and brand value. The agency collaborated with Offertoro and AdGatemedia to scale new heights in advertising and promotion.  His next business venture was his most successful one yet. He started WinRobux to explore the hidden potential of digital marketing. WinRobux promotes apps for companies and agencies. It also allows the clients to conduct marketing surveys to assess their market growth.

From his experience in marketing and promotion, Bhati realized that the digital space is the best place maximum engagement of the 18-34 age group. He discovered this audience is heaving involved in gaming, so he introduced a gaming feature in WinRobux called Roblox. The game has different characters or avatars that the players need to dress up with clothes and accessories. The players have to use the in-game currency called Robux to buy clothes and accessories. The Robux is available only in exchange for real-world currency, which allows WinRobux to generate huge revenue.  To increase the player engagement, Bhati started a reward option with WinRobux. People who promote the apps of different companies on WinRobux will win Robux as a reward to play the game. The idea worked, making WinRobux one of the popular games worldwide with more than 150 million players globally.

Bhati realized the power of digital marketing from his earlier ventures and used his natural skills to explore them to generate revenue. He believes the digital space has more to offer and he will continue to escalate his business with digital marketing in the future. He is planning to use social media to engage with more and more people, accelerating the growth of his business. Going forward, he plans to collaborate with social media influencers to engage with Generation Z, which is resistant to other mediums of marketing and promotion.

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