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From Bags to Babies: Vera Bradley Is Expecting!

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Ready for your ultimate cute quotient du jour? It’s baby time for those pattern-happy weekender carryall stalwarts at Vera Bradley. The brand, which you, your mom, and/or that girl in your spin class has definitely toted around at some point, is expanding beyond its printed bags (and definitely a far ways from the Vera Bradley’s start as a cutesy wallpaper purveyor!). Recently, a suite at the Crosby Street Hotel was utterly transformed into a crib-studded oasis of babyness for the launch of Vera Bradley Baby. On March 14, the entire spate of adorable, pattern-festooned items will debut, including bottle-friendly bags (of course!), teeny socks packaged on a faux clothesline, supersoft blankets, a pacifier holder, even a teddy bear. There’s your baby shower gift source, decoded: thank us after you’re finished oohing and ahhing over everything here. 

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