You Are Not Alone: Popular Instagram Influencer Chanelle Greene (Gucci Blue) Speaks On Overcoming Depression And Substance Abuse To Getting Her Life Back Together

by Steve Wintz

There are ups and downs in life; those that shape us and the experiences we learn from to help us grow. For Chanelle Greene, those words hold profound meaning. Coming from a troubled background where she suffered emotional and sexual abuse from people she called family, Chanelle Greene has remolded her life into something beautiful and inspiring.In an interview she granted recently, the Instagram celebrity and fitness enthusiast who’s also passionate about healing opens up on how the most challenging years of her life turned out to be the most profound. They were what led her to a lighter path in life.

Coming from a background where she and her siblings experimented with alcohol and suffered substance abuse in their pre-teen years, Chanelle Greene’s life took a downward spiral that gradually became darker. Unknowingly, after trauma Chanelle Greene had experienced throughout childhood, she developed PTSD+acute anxiety. Chasing dreams that led her to LA, where she lived life in the fast lane, only exacerbated her symptoms. Chanelle Greene began relying solely on alcohol to help her cope with the discomfort she was constantly feeling as well as the day-to-day pressures and stresses of life. After years of using alcohol as a crutch, it’s safe to say that she had become addicted.Chanelle says, “I never liked that I drank, and I so badly wanted to quit.” However, she didn’t have the impetus to make the decisions, so she continued on that path. Even though she was ashamed and realized she had to start healing from alcoholism and everything else she’s been through, she didn’t feel she could abstain from alcohol just like that.

Then, if things couldn’t get any worse for Chanelle, life threw her another setback in the form of COVID-19. When Chanelle contracted the virus, she also developed a spinal injury, causing excruciating pain for months. In addition to the pain, Chanelle discovered that the years of alcoholism had also caused severe inflammation and gut issues in her body. It’s amazing that sometimes when life wants to help you, it sends a stumbling block in your path that ends up being your ally. With her immune system down, she began to feel the true impact of the years of binge drinking on her body. At that moment, Chanelle knew she had to make an important decision. In trying to cope with those processes, Chanelle fought hard not to give in to her depression+PTSD. She suffered from severe anxiety attacks and felt so much pressure stemming from family issues. Yet she always felt insufficiency, like she wasn’t doing enough. “I was always trying to become better,” she says.

Moving forward, Chanelle needed something to help her cope with the pain in her body, so she was introduced to a substance called Kratom. Although a family member promised her the substance wasn’t harmful or addictive, Chanelle Greene found out otherwise, as she soon became physically dependent on the drug.It was around this time that Chanelle states, “I really hit rock bottom, physically and mentally.” Chanelle had only one choice as she didn’t feel like she could have dug the hole she was in any deeper. She said she decided to pray for the strength to recover from alcoholism, stating, “I will never forget that day.” Chanelle Greene could maintain sobriety from everything without any outside help or support moving forward. Several months later, she checked into an intensive trauma therapy center in Florida.

Today, Chanelle Greene, known as Gucci Blue across various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans, has maintained her sobriety and has earned a favorable reputation for doing what she loves to do. She’s making and selling content, promoting her brand, and talking about mental health and fitness. She is essentially just teaching people how to be happy and live a more positive, purposeful life. In addition, Chanelle says she’s always interested in conversations about reaching goals and making money because she’s always had a business mindset. Through her social media fan pages on Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans, Chanelle can continue to build and remold her brand and fan base as she would like to reshape how she’s perceived moving forward.“I’m still on this journey of self-love and self-discovery,” she says retrospectively. She’s still looking forward to seeing and making many changes in her life and around her.

In the future, Chanelle says she would like to write a book. And considering that one of her interests is writing and reading, it seems logical that she would probably become a bestselling author someday. Aside from writing a book, Chanelle is also considering starting an online journal to talk about everything she’s learned and practiced to attain mental and physical health. For now, she’s just grateful to have the opportunities she’s had and thankful she could defeat the odds that confronted her from the beginning of her life. She’s focused on truly loving and caring for herself because, as she puts it, it’s the biggest and most valuable lesson she’s learned in life. She’s also interested in reaching out to help and empower others, to give them a chance at finding their true purpose just like she did. In her own words: “You shine when you give; blind the world with how you live.” And if Chanelle Greene can come back from the dark paths in her life to live fulfilled, you can, too.

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