Why Michelle Demaree’s Miss Diamond Ring Is a Rare Gem In the Wedding Industry

by Tom White

Michelle Demaree is no ordinary diamond expert and jewelry guru. Buying sentimental and valuable luxury pieces of jewelry can feel so transactional these days, but for Michelle, it’s always personal. The entrepreneur – who heads Miss Diamond Ring – makes it her mission to turn every part of the engagement experience into a memorable, empowering, and transformative journey that marks the beginning of a new beautiful chapter in her client’s love. A true romantic, Michelle fosters connection and confidence, and her deeply personal and high level of service to her clients is truly unmatched in her industry. 

Prior to launching her own business, Michelle has decades of experience working at luxury jewelry houses, learning the ins and outs of the trade, and understanding how her unique spin on the industry could change it for the better. A decade of Miss Diamond Ring later, Michelle is helping couples all over the world find their forever with her informed advice, one-of-a-kind designs, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Michelle speaks about the ever-evolving diamond industry, her unique process, and her passion for empowering every woman to go after their entrepreneurial dreams.

Can you share a little bit about your background and how you got into the jewelry industry?
I tripped and fell into the Diamond Industry a few years after college. After selling high-end real estate and cars, I met the director of Van Cleef & Arpels at an event at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. I offered her a ride back to the store (in my borrowed Bentley) and a month later I started working at the prestigious French Atelier, all with no jewelry experience. After a few years in Chicago training in Paris and many 6 figure sales, I came back home to Beverly Hills and worked at Tiffany & Co on Rodeo Drive and after that, at Harry Winston. I had hands-on training with the best jewels and craftsmanship in the world, sold millions in diamonds, and learned everything about the diamond and engagement ring industry. It was after I had my daughter and had left the retail world for a year, that I felt a calling to create a ring shopping experience that was more customer-focused.

You have clients who seek your products and services from around the world. What makes your diamond concierge service different from others?
Clients seek my concierge services to experience a higher standard in ring shopping. They receive a better diamond selection (specifically in the 3-10 carat diamond range), a more personalized experience with limitless customization on their ring, and bespoke hand-forged craftsmanship which a majority of the industry does not know how to do (most do 3D CAD printing), along with MDR being a wiser luxury spend with non-brick and mortar prices. 

It’s all a very different experience when you work directly with the CEO and not a salesperson at a big corporation. When a couple is getting engaged they want it to feel meaningful and not transactional. I prioritize connection with my clients and every happily engaged couple is what inspires me to keep this boutique service small and high touch. 

How do you source your diamonds?
My diamond sources are from the few, top-tier wholesalers that source elite Antwerp cut and conflict-free, top-rated excellent cut, top luster diamonds and sell to the larger known name brand names. All of my diamonds are GIA-certified, ethically sourced, naturally mined, and lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds, a newer emerging popular diamond choice for couples wanting a bigger look for less, require a more scrutinizing eye for quality. My lab diamonds are Israeli grown and cut so the quality is much higher and the diamonds look 100% natural. Especially for more popular shapes like ovals elongated cushions and radiants.  

I noticed you specialize in engagement rings–Can you walk us through the process of engagement ring shopping at Miss Diamond Ring?
Absolutely. First, we have a Discovery call which is 15 minutes. We go over my couple’s desired diamond, ideal setting design, timing, and budget. Next, I source 3-5 stones in their carat weight and budget range and we view them in person. If the client is out of city or state (70% of my clients are) I source the stones and offer my Virtual Diamond Atelier service where I send detailed close-up photos and videos of the diamond options on my hand for sizing perspective. From there I offer expert insights and pros/cons for each stone to help my client choose the ideal diamond. Ring design is next and we review all of the many options from shank width, to basket height, to gold color, to diamond melee size to prong style, and on and on. 

I make it simple, but I cover every detail to ensure a big successful yes. Once the ring is complete and QA’d for perfection, I present the ring to my client and they get ready to propose. One bonus I offer my clients is complimentary proposal planning while the ring is being made, many clients appreciate this creative process and they receive 3 bespoke proposal ideas they can choose from.

Ring shopping can feel overwhelming! What are your top three tips when shopping for an engagement ring?
Pick your favorite diamond shape first – then define your setting style. Pop into a jewelry store and try on all the shapes to see what you love. If you live remotely, order a few inexpensive Cubic Zirconia ring shapes on Amazon to see what you really like. The shape of a diamond is very personal. Once you know your shape, contact your concierge to source several color/clarity options so you can see the carat weight/ratio options to see which is most flattering on your hand. Once you choose your perfect stone, you can decide what setting best complements it.

Go with your own personal style over a ring trend. If yellow gold oval solitaires are trending but you love a glitzy cushion cut halo with side stones – own it. Your ring embodies your personal style so do not look to anyone else but yourself for the ring that will make you happy. You will be wearing it and looking at it at least 100 times a day – go with what you love and lead with your heart, not your head. 

Be on the same page as a couple. If you are shopping together (which 75% of my couples are) know your budget and be realistic with what you can afford. If you have a 5-carat taste but a 2.5-carat budget… consider lab-grown or choose a setting style that will make your ring look bigger (halo + side stones).   

Can you share some recent trends you’ve seen popularize amongst your clients? What’s your personal favorite?
Yes … lately clients have been integrating family diamonds into their rings to create an Heirloom. I had one client use her grandmother’s earrings as the side stone for her Oval 3-stone ring which was stunning. She got to choose the center stone she loved but still had family diamonds in her ring. Another client used her mother’s diamonds for the halo around her solitaire which was very special to her. It adds a meaningful touch to an already special piece of jewelry. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the shoppable collections you have featured on the website? What was the inspiration behind these?
Yes! I have 3 Timeless Sparkling Collections: 

Diamonds with Soul is a Collection of stunning mixed-shaped diamond rings, pendants, and earrings in natural and lab-grown diamonds for women and couples to set intentions on and achieve their dreams. Diamonds are crystals that amplify intention. Whether calling in abundance, love, family, or protection – your love for diamonds can be harnessed as a superpower. I have a community of women who have called in the most incredible things with their Intention Diamonds. 

My Butterfly Collection is a diamond Collection ranging from $500 – $5,000 celebrating the beauty of personal transformation and rebirth in your life – celebrating a new love, a baby, a new job, or the liberation you experience after a divorce. It also is a chance to celebrate another woman in your life – a friend, mother, sister – who “gives you wings and lifts you.” A best friend gift that has special meaning. All glittering with diamonds, from pendants to rings to necklaces, I just love Butterflies so this collection is a favorite!  

My newest Bloom Collection has quickly become a Bestseller due to its big diamond look at a great price. These classic pieces are handmade diamond flower motifs that give the effect of 3-5 carat diamonds whether worn as a pendant or earrings. Instead of spending $75k on 7-carat studs, you can spend $8k for the same look with my Bloom Studs. Perfect for Bridal as well. 

Are there any upcoming projects you’d like to share with our readers? What’s next for you?
Though it is tempting to build an empire, I value the personal nature of a boutique business so I have been intentionally staying small and intimate. I passed on a few reality show offers because my priority is a balanced life. I am most interested in living a life of love and purpose. I’m starting to share my personal story a bit more, which seems to resonate as every single woman has told me to “share this with everyone.” It’s a love story about calling in my dream life. 

My story has twists and turns– from when I was at the lowest point in my life (going through a divorce and rebuilding everything from scratch as a single mom) to the success of my diamond concierge business and my recent engagement to my soulmate Paul– which offers lessons and hope.

A core life lesson I have learned throughout all of this is that I feel passionate about sharing and spreading love. I am most interested in talking about how building a self-love practice, being intentional and disciplined about building the life you want, and utilizing visualization and hypnosis to feel and create it allows for everything to fall into place. 

I am now living the life of my dreams; passionately engaged in a business I adore, about to marry the love of my life – this surreal life was a vision I had designed in my mind at a very low point in my life. I want every woman out there to know she can, too, can achieve the same, no matter her current situation.  

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