Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection With A Collaboration From Sara Jeihooni and Camilla Seretti

by Amir Bakian

Camilla Seretti is a standout jewelry and accessory brand founded by Sahar Manley. This exceptionally unique brand produces a variety of products geared toward empowering self-expression for women around the world. Camilla Seretti designs specially crafted tiaras, anklets, jewelry boxes, and more to help women feel beautiful and confident from head to toe.

Each piece that Camilla Seretti releases is a contemporary take on classic designs. More than that, the brand specializes in curating jewelry capsules with its collections. The collections are wildly varied and oer a taste of emblematic designs for women and cultures around the globe, like the Limited Edition and T sen collections. These collections include pieces that are an ode to Ancient Egyptian and Eastern culture. Most of all, Manley draws inspiration from Middle Eastern jewelry styles and trends for her brand. So, naturally, when Manley met Sara Jeihooni, television personality and host, a collaboration was inevitable. The two women are of Middle Eastern descent and instantly clicked during Jeihooni’s photoshoot for US Weekly Magazine.

“I think Sara and I bonded through us both being modern Middle-Eastern women that enjoy working towards our goals, and helping other women work towards their goals. We both love that most Middle Eastern women love to be adorned in gold and jewelry,” says Manley about the partnership. In fact, Manley fittingly says that her best personal tip for styling gold Jewelry is: “the more the better! Layer it on!” The pair complement each other well. While they both love jewelry and accessories that embody classy, yet sexy, feminine styles, their age dierence enables them to transform classic looks into fashionable new-age jewelry. “Sara definitely has a younger, hipper and more relatable look than I do,” says Manley. Their opposing preferences only strengthened their collaboration by encouraging an innovative style fusion for the Sara Jeihooni x CAMILLA SERETTI line.

This collaboration comes just in time for summer 2021. After over a year of lockdowns, it’s the perfect time for every woman to update their jewelry collections for debuts once everything reopens. The two creatives behind the Sara Jeihooni x CAMILLA SERETTI line are “excited to finally be out and about with all of our friends and family this Summer,” says Manley. A part of the brand’s mission is to create products that are in line with the latest fashion. Throughout the rest of 2021, and into the fall, jewelry lovers might expect a new line of vibrant pieces from Camilla Seretti. “I really see a lot of color being a trend with jewelry. Bright colored jewels look beautiful against the skin and make for an impactful accessory with your wardrobe,” says Manley. Camilla Seretti recently started oering custom fine jewelry pieces upon client request. “It’s a lot of raw, natural emeralds and diamonds, but in very simple designs,” says Manley. The brand is also in the process of creating a Fist Collection that Manley hopes to drop by the end of 2021. As for Jeihooni, she’s open to doing another capsule collaboration in the near future. “I really love the idea of getting to blend my designs and vision with someone else that might have a completely dierent look and style,” says Jeihooni. Stay tuned for new projects by Manley and Jeihooni.

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