This Contemporary Luxury Brand is the Next Best Thing in the Fashion Industry

The fashion marketplace has been cluttered with a number of brands and online stores to purchase clothes, shoes, and accessories from. With the influx of numerous brands coming into the fashion world, it becomes hard to pick out the genuine luxury brands that provide upbeat fashion choices with a touch of contemporary comeliness. Los Angeles based brand ORO has a symbolic meaning and style quotient that deeply incorporates the experiential and trendy dimensions. It is not easy for a brand to establish its place in an ever-growing fashion industry, where it is very evident that if the value is not provided, no brand can survive. It requires a great product journey starting from best in the world fabrics to perfectly articulated designs and valuable customer experience — thats what makes the ORO one of the best contemporary luxury brands in the fashion industry right now. Read on to get an idea of the range of luxury products available at ORO and how valuable these timeless pieces are going to be once added to your wardrobe. Every product has its unique elements and they are ready to elevate the authenticity and versatility of your luxury wardrobe collection.

Vintage Shirts
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as incorporating a vintage T-shirt into a modern-day outfit. The faded colors, the old-school vibe, and the mesmerizing cracked screen-printed graphics combine to be the reason why these vintage T-shirts and shirts have stayed on the top charts of the fashion world for ages. By using a special cotton deriving from Italy, ORO’s shirts are well- made and built to last; the unparalleled chicness one achieves by wearing an ORO vintage shirt or T-shirt is unmatched. Putting on a vintage top is an easy way to instill an outfit with personality. Shopping for vintage clothing at ORO is about the journey and not the destination and that is why it is one of the best stops to shop for vintage-inspired shirts.


Handcrafted Boots
Spring, Fall, or Winter these season outfits are nothing without a classic pair of boots. The variety of ORO boots is a treat to fashion enthusiasts who love to tap into uniquely made and handcrafted luxury footwear for the cooler months that can be paired with a versatile mix of denim, pants, or shorts. Their signature suede chelsea boots have become a cult-favorite for their timeless style and everlasting quality. ORO not only focuses on the product being a timeless possession but also ensures that whoever wears them not just looks a certain way but feels a certain way and that is what makes the ORO brand stand out.


High-Fashion Denim
ORO is a brand for some of the coolest, perfectly fitted, and stylish denim. ORO's denim line features vintage to high-fashion and trendy styles with subtle to heavy hand-distressing patterns along with elements like stone washed and bleached finishes. A single pair of ORO denim can take up to two to three months to manufacture, proving that time intensive] manufacturing can elevate the quality of each pair by tenfold. It is one of the most comprehensive brands to buy unique denim to give your look that effortless aesthetic. If you know what you’re looking for or want to discover more, explore the collection exclusively online at We love when brands can create products and outfits that align with one another and don’t just go with the trends – they create their own, ensuring the authenticity of fashion in the real sense is kept intact. The way the ORO brand focuses on every piece of clothing and puts hours and hours of work and art into its production, it has the biggest potential to be one of the greatest contemporary luxury brands in the whole world. Fashion is something that is beyond just the clothes, it is about the journey of that clothing, the impact of the clothing and its connection to the person wearing it. The ORO brand showcases a true blend of contemporary, vintage, and luxury into new life fashion. It is evident that this brand has made its special place in the contemporary fashion industry which is why many Hollywood actors and professional sports players, popular singers & DJs, are all choosing the ORO brand. Don’t miss out on the specially curated and Latest Spring Collection by ORO and check out @orolosangeles to see their collection styled.

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