Serial entrepreneurs, Ashton Jude & Hannah Pereira, expanding ‘Bath Box’ brand to USA after massive success in Australia

by Amir Bakian

“We are successful because listen to what our customers want, and try our best to give it to them,” says Ashton Jude, co-founder of Australia’s leading luxury bath brand in Australia, Bath Box. Founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs, Ashton Jude and Hannah Pereira, the Bath Box brand is now a multi-million dollar company based out of Melbourne, Australia. With a wide collection of luxury bath products, such as bath bombs, bath salts, bath soaks, and various bubble bath items, the company has experienced a surge of customer demand in Australia driven by the recent pandemic. Hannah Pereira, co-founder of Bath Box, was originally from New York, USA but having moved to Australia in 2014 had a dream to share true bath comfort and luxury with all Australians. This led to her handcrafting some of the brand’s first in the space of her home garage. As her friends and family showed interest in these creations, she thought maybe others would feel the same, and she brought on business partner and co-founder, Ashton Jude, to help with the development of the Bath Box website and to help take the company off the ground. Very quickly, Bath Box products went viral on social media, with millions of impressions on what became their two best selling products, the bath pillow and bath caddy.

Bath Box, according to Ashton Jude, have a great advantage over competitors in the Australian market for these bath comfort accessories. And he credits this to being one of the first retailers to offer these innovative bath products to customers. It’s also key to note that the brand has experienced immense success by leveraging core values that Australian consumers hold close to their heart. All of the products sold by the Bath Box brand are handmade using natural ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

With a variety of colors, perfumes, and biodegradable glitters, their bath bombs and bubble bath collections are elegant and exquisite. This is something the team at Bath Box are very excited to bring to the USA market. “Every product at Bath Box is designed and tested with the needs of customers in mind. Putting our customers first has led to our rapid development and excellent success as a brand,” according to Hannah. Bath Box has had a lot of success in recent years marketing their products via social media and claim to have mastered the art of reverse engineering viral content. Today, the team continues to make significant investment in their social media following because they believe that having a strong and engaging social media presence is very important as customers become more attentive of their shopping experience, seeking for customer reviews, comments, and even videos online before purchasing. Bath Box posts all of their items on social media, making it simple and transparent for customers to review, evaluate, and analyze items.

It’s incredible to see how far Bath Box has gone in just a few years, and even more impressive to see how quickly the company has evolved. And so, what began as a hobby in Hannah’s home garage, grew into a multimillion-dollar Australian brand with ambitions to sell globally. Now, those ambitions are becoming a reality. Bath Box, led by strong entrepreneurs, has several expansion plans, with the ultimate goal of taking the company global, according to Ashton Jude, and starting with the USA.

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christina October 15, 2021 - 12:11 AM

glitters are not biodegradable no matter how much you think they are, they are not!


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