Brilliant Hair Colorist and Founder of Luxbae  Suzzie Monroe Shares Her Story  About Working In The Beauty Industry

by Amir Bakian

As a world renowned colorist, Suzzie Monroe has an impressive track record from gracing the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue to styling the world’s top models for their runway walks at New York Fashion Week. Monroe eventually took her talents to Los Angeles where she opened luxury salon and medspa Luxbae which currently operates in two locations including Glendale, CA and a new location which opened in West Hollywood, CA this year. Her unique approach to the customization of high-end services has given Monroe an inside track to the beauty industry’s most sought after products and technology to create a one of a kind experience at her spas which have amassed a cult following.  When attending Vidal Sassoon Academy, Monroe instinctively was drawn to the colorist table where she instantly exhibited a unique talent for being able to mix and re-create unique hair tones from scratch. Her ability opened up the doors to working with celebrities and models on major film sets to world renowned fashion designers that sought her services.

After opening the first Luxbae location in Glendale, CA, Monroe was able to build her client list to the thousands and wanted to take the same path to beauty as she had done with hair. The approach to create services with the individual in mind is the foundation of Luxbae. With this ideology, Monroe was able to secure partnerships with prized French luxury brand, Biologique Recherche which is known for leading trends and research in the skincare industry with their revolutionary product line and quality control of all specialists working with their brand. Luxbae is one of the only partners in Los Angeles to carry Biologique Recherche and has a team of the best facialists in the world to execute their services which specialize in cryotherapy techniques and an extremely personalized product line that caters to a vast amount of individual skin types.

What also sets them apart is their cutting edge technology which provides the best non-surgical results money can buy with machinery used in top plastic surgeon offices across the globe. The technology component also has their own vetting process to ensure that the device is used properly and garners the best results. With tightening, remodeling, and skin contouring treatments for face, neck, and body; Luxbae’s tech uses Radio-Frequency (RF) Energy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to achieve the most permanent results without having to go under the knife with little to no downtime for healing.

Monroe’s artistic and personalized approach to beauty is one with the customer in mind. “Finding the perfect hair color is about layering different tones to get those subtle dimensions that make it unique. The relationship between beauty and women is innate, it means something different to everyone.” says Monore. With that mindset, Monroe is taking the same approach to skincare, keeping up with the latest treatments and research.

In addition to their high-tech facials, one of Luxbae’s biggest draws is their radio-frequency microneedling treatment which is also known as a non-surgical facelift. By stimulating your body to naturally produce collagen, the face is lifted and tightened after a 6-week cycle. As for the body contouring services, their tone option gives clients the equivalent of 20,000 crunches within a 30 minute session. Due to how the machine stimulates the muscle, clients do not produce lactic acid which is what causes soreness after working out. For those too busy to get a workout in, this treatment is a life saver and really enhances the body’s natural beauty like most treatments at Luxbae are designed to do. A full range of injectables, including dermal fillers and Botox, completes Luxbae’s menu of head-to-toe services.

All services offered from the facials to body contouring treatments are science-backed and tech driven. The ultimate goal is to make your body work for you which is the most sustainable way to achieve and keep results over a longer period of time. “We always have to remind ourselves to be kind to our bodies and in turn ourselves. This is the culture and inspiration I want for all Luxbae clients to experience.”

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