Renowned Facialist Danuta Mieloch Opens Rescue Spa in NYC

by Paige Reddinger

Beauty guru and renowned facialist Danuta Mieloch, founder of Philadelphia’s popular Rescue Spa, has brought her magic to NYC. Mieloch is known for her Biolift Facial, which is like a mini facelift without any of the pain, that leaves the skin so pristine and clean it practically sparkles. Now with her second location in NYC’s flatiron nabe, Mieloch is not only bringing her own magic touch to the Big Apple, but also a beautiful one-stop-shop for beauty that includes everything from facials and massage rooms to a hair and nail salon and the most elite selection of beauty products available on the market. We caught up with Mieloch to fill us in on her chic new spa.


How did you begin your career in beauty?
Skincare is my calling.  I’m from Poland, where attention to skincare is important, and in a way inherited.  I have been interested in it since childhood.  Instead of dolls I was playing with a little apothecary chest, which was given to me by my mom.  I was always making my own masks and creams mixed with natural ingredients.  I grew up around two older sisters and my mom, so there were a lot of homemade beauty products, herbal potions, and things like that.

What were you doing before you opened Rescue Spa?
I studied in Poland for three years as a nurse directly alongside dermatologists. I continued my studies in Paris under Dr. Allouche, creator of the revolutionary Biologique Recherche product line.  Following Paris, I moved to New York and worked as an esthetician at various spas in NYC.

What made you decide to open Rescue Spa?
I opened the first Rescue Spa location in Philadelphia in 2004.  The main reason was that as an esthetician I wanted to provide the best in skincare and treatments.  The only way I could do that was by opening my own spa.

Tell us about the beautiful selection of product you carry.
It’s almost an intuitive process for me.  I feel the textures and active ingredients and quickly upon application can see if I like a product or not.  I also do extensive research on efficacy and how the products perform.  At the same time the integrity of a brand is very important to me.  Most products that I carry I have a personal relationship with the owners and have traveled to their labs.  I like to know how these products are made and manufactured and the story behind it.  At Rescue Spa we carry brands such as Biologique Recherche, Valmont, Environ, Cellcosmet, 3Lab, Vintner’s Daughter and many more.

What is your most popular service?
Our Biolift Facial. It incorporates microcurrents, potent serums, and a manual lifting massage.  It gives you a mini natural facelift.

Is a facial with you more expensive than your other facialists?
Yes, what I can accomplish in an hour for my clients is more than most, therefore the price for a treatment with me is understandably higher.   I combine all the modalities necessary (i.e. microdermabrasion, electric currents, peels, microneedling, IPL, RF etc.) for each facial and customize every treatment to give my clients fabulous results.  All of my estheticians are personally trained by me, so you are in good hands no matter who you see at Rescue.

What is the most common mistake people make with their skin?
Not cleansing thoroughly, mixing too many products incorrectly, bingeing on skincare, not gently exfoliating and moisturizing enough, reading too much on the internet, and not getting the proper expert advice.  If I need advice on exercise or diet, I go to a specialist.  Going to an esthetician and spending an hour receiving a facial while a professional touches your skin and advises on proper care is well worth it.

What is your own personal favorite treatment to have done?
I get regular monthly Biolift Facials and have for many years.  I never had to have botox or injectables.   I am a living example that at 51, natural skincare works.

What other services do you offer?
We are known for facials and my estheticians are trained extensively under me. The idea is to offer all the treatments that compliment these facials under one roof.  Currently we offer facials, advanced skin treatments; microdermabrasion, LED, RadioFrequency, Oxygen, electric currents, nails, hair, and makeup.  Body treatments and massages will be available soon.

What sets Rescue Spa apart from the others?
We offer all things beauty.  The fact that I am a hands-on esthetician and owner at the same time makes a huge difference. It’s like going to a restaurant with a great chef. I take pride in educating and inspiring my staff.

What has been your most popular holiday gift?
Rescue Spa gift cards are our most popular gift.  We don’t need things, we need experiences in today’s world and we should focus more on wellbeing than acquiring things.

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