QuSome Lotion: A New Era in Deep Skin Hydration

by Tom White
QuSome Lotion

Introduction: Toner’s Vital Role in Asian Skincare Routines

In Asian skincare, particularly in countries like Japan and Korea, toner is an essential part of the skincare ritual. More than just a cleansing agent, it serves as a critical step in toning, hydrating, and refining the skin post-wash. This underscores the significance of a high-quality toner in setting the foundation for a successful skincare regimen. b.glen’s QuSome Lotion, a product of Japanese craftsmanship and made in Japan, exemplifies this philosophy, offering deep, sustained hydration for an incredible 17 hours, and redefining what a toner can achieve.

The QuSome Lotion Difference

QuSome Lotion goes beyond what you expect from a traditional toner. It’s a moisture-rich, high-performance lotion that targets signs of aging, bolsters the skin’s structure, and enhances the effectiveness of lotions and creams that follow. This product marks a shift in skincare, moving from superficial hydration to deep, enduring skin barrier protection and hydration. Crafted with the meticulous attention to detail that Japanese products are known for, QuSome Lotion stands out as a testament to b.glen’s commitment to quality.

The Science Behind QuSome® Technology

Developed by Dr. Brian Keller, a former professor of California State University and a renowned pharmacologist, QuSome® technology was originally created for delivering medication deep into the skin. This innovative skin penetration technology ensures deep delivery of essential ingredients, optimizing their nourishing effects. QuSome Lotion elevates this with Charged QuSome® Technology, an advanced form of QuSome® that significantly boosts the penetration of active ingredients into different skin layers.

Advanced Ingredients for Superior Hydration

Charged QuSome encapsulates and delivers key beauty ingredients deeper into the skin. QuSome Lotion includes a range of scientifically-selected ingredients:

  • Ectoine: Protects the skin barrier and prevents dryness.
  • Amitose 3LGA: Restores skin elasticity.
  • Fermented Rose Honey: Acts as an antioxidant, revitalizing aging skin.
  • VC Ethyl: Balances skin pH, preparing it for further treatment.
  • Allantoin: Protects and prevents rough skin.

Combined with QuSome® technology, these ingredients infuse the skin with antioxidants, improve texture, and strengthen the skin barrier.

A User’s Perspective

One of b.glen user, Lynne Marrie’s feedback highlights the lotion’s gentle yet effective nature: “I’ve found this toner to be incredibly gentle, offering significant hydration benefits. It seems to refine my pores and serves as an excellent primer for my serums and lotions.”


QuSome Lotion, featuring Charged QuSome® technology and a unique blend of advanced ingredients, provides a level of hydration and skin nourishment that surpasses traditional toners. Discover the transformative power of QuSome Lotion and take the first step towards healthier, more refined skin, backed by the quality and craftsmanship of b.glen, made in Japan.

For More Information:

Explore www.bglen.us for more information about QuSome Lotion and other innovative skincare solutions.

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