The Secret to Nicole Miller’s Success? Shaking Things Up!

by The Daily Front Row
Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller has been a major presence in the New York fashion scene since the ’80s. Her fans know they can always turn to her for chic and youthful wares that are perfect for day or night. So how has she made magic happen for the past 30 years? By shaking things up! In a new interview with Cheddar, Miller reveals that the key to her success is to always keep things fresh.

“I don’t like to get stuck in a rut, and I don’t like to be typecast. So nobody can call me this or call me that because I always want to change,” she said. “I get very bored with doing the same thing all the time. I think very often you can become the victim of your own successes because if one thing sells really well, you keep making that thing. I’m always trying to break out of that and do different things.”

However, Miller also recognizes that sometimes looking back is the best way to go forward. Case in point: A capsule collection for Spring 2019 that draws from her extensive archive, which she discussed with the Daily last September.

“A lot of people were begging me for the dresses I made back in the ’80s,” she told Cheddar. “They were all viscose crepe, and kind of flow-y. I think I’m also known for very body-conscious dresses, because we have done a lot more of those in more recent years. But I think everybody’s into this looser, flowing, sort of drape-ier kind of dress like I used to make.”

Watch the full interview here.

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