MiH Jeans Launches A Monogramming Service

by The Daily Front Row

Get your jeans signed, sealed, and delivered! MiH Jeans has launched a monogramming service so you can put your stamp on your darling denim (just don’t try to consign them!). Creative director of the Brit brand, Chloe Lonsdale, said the idea came to her because people have such a personal relationship with jeans. It’s true: when you find that perfect pair, they definitely get the wear. “Monogramming is quite a traditional British thing to do,” said Lonsdale. But we’re beating there are plenty of American preps that will be rushing out to get theirs stamped, too. What’s more? The monogramming costs $55 extra and the sewing is done by hand. “It’s outsourced to an embroidery studio in North London called Hawthorne and Heaney,” said Lonsdale. “They normally do embroidery for couture dresses and high fashion. They do this as a unique project for us.” (Fun fact about Lonsdale: She’s the goddaughter of the line’s founder, Tony O’Gorman, who started the line circa the ’60s.) You can have up to three initials monogrammed and choose from 10 thread colors and two fonts. And for the icing on the cake: You can even send in your old jeans to be initialed. We’re sold!



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