Meet The Man Behind Miami’s Top Community, “Lifestyle Miami”

by DN News Desk

One of the requirements of entrepreneurship is passion. When someone launches a project based solely on the love of their subject, this translates into a truly extraordinary venture. Six years ago, Miguel Zulueta set up the LifeStyle_Miami Instagram page as a hobby. Today, this account has nearly a million followers and 3 million visitors a week. Miguel loves Miami, and he wanted to showcase the city’s culture, talent, and diversity. A single photographer could not capture all facets of this area, so Miguel began the page to consistently post content and work with local photographers and creators to share all aspects of Miami with the world.

LifeStyle Miami has always put out calls to clean up Miami’s famous beaches. Today, it can put out massive notices to achieve this goal while supporting small businesses in the city and surrounding area. Companies took notice of Miguel’s organic promotion of Miami and wanted to team up with him to organize events. This resulted in a subtle revamp of LifeStyle_Miami as it adapted to an advertising platform combined with a community page. One of Miguel’s goals has always been to create a brand that would be a contribution to Miami and make the city a better place. Thanks to business partnerships, the page organized more charity events, beach cleanups, and even got city leaders to generate positive changes. Due to this intense community involvement, LifeStyle_Miami has become the city’s top promo page on any platform as it covers humor, sports, philanthropy, news, food, nightlife, and events.

Due to Miguel’s deep love for the city, it is no surprise that the brand has generously given back to Miami. This includes numerous services for the homeless, providing companies with generators, humanitarian aid to hurricane victims (including those in the Bahamas), and offering small businesses 100% free advertising on LifeStyle_Miami during the COVID-19 pandemic. To Miguel, entrepreneurship isn’t about making a quick buck. It is an intensely emotional journey and the zeal to leave the world a better place. He defines success as giving back to others, making them feel accepted, valued, and loved. He has directly translated these principles into his business as he strives to make Miami even more extraordinary.

LifeStyle_Miami has become a digital space that brings the city together. Miguel has exceeded his goal of community collaboration, and even more projects are in the works, such as assistance for animal shelters and a non-profit to offer hurricane relief to families.  What began as a hobby has become the central hub for all things Miami. Miguel has created an unprecedented online guide to his beloved city that is as useful for locals as it is for travelers and tourists. Simply put, LifeStyle_Miami is the place to go if you want to tap into the vibrant heartbeat of this city.

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