Entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow Ventures Back to Creative Pursuits with New Show The Rebbe

by Thomas Herd

It’s one thing to find success in an industry you have been in your entire career, however, it’s a whole other to excel in several—especially simultaneously. Multi-faceted serial entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow has done just that. With experience in an array of lucrative industries, like gaming, technology, blockchain, advertising, and even film and television, he’s really done it all. What’s more impressive is that he has not only dipped his toes but thrived. One could go as far as to say he has a Midas touch, however, none of it came without great dedication and hard work.  The 31-year-old began his career in film financing after graduating from City University London with a degree in Financial Economics and quickly found himself on the production side of Hollywood. Though his path is unconventional, it is certainly inspiring. Through a serendipitous turn of events, Swerdlow found himself in a new field shortly after getting into production, managing corporate acquisitions for the royal family of the UAE. In this fortuitous role he learned the ins and outs finance and business through firsthand experience and used his newfound expertise to start his own business. “I am a businessman who knows when there is an opportunity. I am an entrepreneur who doesn’t like to stay in the same business for too long so I create companies and businesses then hire someone to manage them,” explains Swerdlow.

Today, Swerdlow has several companies which allow him to focus on what drives his passions as well as on philanthropic ventures. Which is precisely how his life and work focus have come full circle, back to entertainment. His latest project is focused on developing a TV show around a New York Times bestselling book, The Rebbe. The storyline is a biographical rendition of the life of Lubavitcher Rebbe and his remarkable life from his birth in Russia through his days in Berlin and Paris, and to claim to fame in New York, where he began spreading his powerful spiritual message. Swerdlow was drawn to the project because he wanted to bring the touching story and history of the Jewish faith’s cultural touchstone to mainstream pop culture via an accessible and engaging format. With the past success of Swerdlow’s various business ventures and his knowledge of the film industry, it’s safe to say that The Rebbe is in good hands. Given that he is always open to what life puts before him, there’s no telling what incredible opportunities are on the horizon, but one thing is for certain, the future looks bright for the ever-evolving entrepreneur.

Written by: Kelin Dillon
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