Meet All-American Beauty Madeline Magruder

by Alexandra Sharova

In today’s social media obsessed age, the modeling industry has increasingly blurred edges with the boom market of amateur Instagram modeling. While this paradigm shift has its benefits (including making the aspirational modeling field more accessible to all), it has also greatly obscured the discovery of bonafide and elegant new star model talents. Especially in terms of the foundational modeling niches that used to be important talent recruitment channels for brands.

Nowadays, it is very rare for instance, to find a quintessential All-American cast model or the next edgy, high-fashion runway star. Thankfully, however, for us fashion aficionados there are still casting experts out there such as Angus Munro of AM Casting to whom the discovery of distinctive model profiles still guides the image defining process of iconic fashion brands. And when guided by such discernment, bonafide new star profiles capable of defining brands can still be discovered even with the help of social media.

One standout example is up and coming model Madeline Magruder. A native of Maryland, Madeline represents the dying breed of the “All-American Beauty.” An equestrian star who comports herself (even on Instagram) with dignity and class, Madeline is one of the few models who has gained notability on social media- quite paradoxically- for the refined qualities she possesses.

And with modeling measurements and an impressive pedigree to boot (including collaborations with Dior, Vogue, Uniqlo, etc.), Madeline is a rare hybrid that can double back for traditional print and social media campaigns to shape elegant and distinctive brand images on both platforms. Up until now, Madeline has worked extensively throughout Asia in building her book and work catalog. Recently she’s signed to a new mother agency in the US and upon attaining better form than ever before, is now just starting to be introduced to the New York and London markets.

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Char Rice July 13, 2020 - 8:30 PM

Love the article on Madeline Magruder! I’ve been following her and her identical twin. I hope you’ll also write about her sister Olivia! Together they are absolutely stunning beauties!! I would think that drop dead gorgeous and classy young ladies would be refreshing!

Anna July 14, 2020 - 10:53 PM

Is she trans? This would be a great step for inclusion!

Elijah stairs December 24, 2020 - 1:23 PM

I actually used to go to school with them both and I knew they were gonna become something great, but I will say I do miss seeing them around


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