MD Glam Advanced Skincare Advocates #Guiltfreeselfcare

by DN News Desk

The American reality television series Dr. 90210 was rebooted in September of 2020 with an all-female cast. The purpose of this was to redefine outdated beauty standards. One of the plastic surgeons was Dr. Cat Begovic, whose mantra for self-care echoes one of the trends we saw in the COVID-19 pandemic: the skincare boom. As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cat understands people want to look their best. One of the ways this can be done without surgery is with the right skincare routine. Utilizing her degree in molecular biology, Dr. Cat created a complete line of advanced and clinically proven products. These items contain tried and true active ingredients like retinol and vitamin C, which millions of people rely on for excellent topical results.

Dr. Cat’s skincare line, MD Glam, was developed with a focus on not just self-care but guilt-free self-care. Let’s be honest, when you look good, you feel good. Some people might choose to age gracefully, while others want to hold off aging as long as possible and without surgical procedures. Dr. Cat is well aware of this, which is why she created MD Glam. The message to people is clear: please take care of your skin and don’t feel bad about doing so. The reason you should not feel guilty is because skincare is a form of self-care.Some people have skincare routines to prevent aging, while others focus on treating specific issues or just as a way of relaxing. There is a reason people flock to spas and estheticians for facials: it is a very soothing experience! The good news is you can recreate some of the experience in your own home. Even before the coronavirus ravaged the world, skincare was seeing a huge resurgence. The focus had moved away from makeup to the concept of makeup only looking as good as the skin it is on. When the pandemic did hit, skincare revenues skyrocketed as people were wearing masks instead of makeup. To get bare faces looking their best and handle the new issue of “maskne,” people began to take care of their skin in droves. As we fight COVID-19, we constantly hear the term self-care. This concept had been seriously overlooked in our fast-paced lives, yet it has developed tremendous importance during the pandemic. The principle is to take the best care of oneself possible to avoid catching this dreaded virus. When practiced in all areas, self-care can be very beneficial to a person’s overall health. Dr. Cat understands this, and thanks to her MD Glam line, people can take a few moments for themselves in the safety of their own homes.

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