Marketing Expert Ken Johnson on the Evolution of Marketing

by DN News Desk

Over the years, humans have evolved from the stone age to the post-modern information era. So also, has marketing. Marketing expert Ken Johnson throws light on the evolution of marketing. Let’s delve.

There was a time when marketers stressed on availability and affordability as two main factors for good business. “Today, marketing is  relationship centered,” shares Ken. Now marketers stress on good relationship with customers as the main determinant of the extent of a business’s success and sustainability. Ken shares that up to 1900 market behavior  was described mainly on the basis of macro dynamics. After a decade, another evolved version of marketing took birth – conceptualization, which ruled the marketing curve for the next five decades.

Since then, marketing has evolved a lot. Today, it’s reached to a point that can be defined as the social media marketing and mobile marketing age. Ken elaborates, “This period started in 2010 when customers started to dictate the kinds of ads and other marketing information they want to see or get exposed to.” Ad-less streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime have caught on, making ad commercials kind of obsolete. On the other hand, consumers are only subscribing to brands they want to hear from, thanks to social platforms, email subscription letters, and blogs. Ken mentions that in 2017 digital marketing became a $25 billion dollar industry, with social media and blogs becoming the most sought-after channels of marketing.

Ken concludes that marketing has evolved significantly over the past decades. Today, the consumer dictates the marketers’ moves and the focus is more on quality than quantity — unlike our friends back in the 1900s.

Ken is an entrepreneur at heart with a solid track record as a marketer and social media expert. He is known for gaining millions of genuine followers for himself and his clients over a short period of time.

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