Joshua Jayaweera Explains Why Engaging with Your Audience Is Critical for A Motivational Speaker

by DN News Desk

Every great conversationalist knows that communication is a two-way street. Whether speaking to someone one on one or in a room full of hundreds of people, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for the audience that connects, develops, and inspires them. You want them walking away from the exchange feeling not only educated but recognized as well. Renowned international speaker Joshua Jayaweera, aka Jay Jay, is known for his unique way of genuinely engaging people through his energizing presentations. Jayaweera believes that engagement is critical. “Engagement recognizes the value of traditional conversation in an incredibly fast-paced world,” explains Jayaweera. “When you engage with others, you value their need to be heard and their eagerness to learn.” He maintains this is critical for a motivational speaker and shares the three main reasons why.

1​. Engagement makes for a strong introduction.
W​hether you are a world-famous personality or emerging influencer, if you don’t make a strong introduction, the presentation can fall flat. “Engagement right from the beginning not only introduces you to your audience but also your audience to you,” explains Jayaweera. “You have to know what type of crowd you are working with and interact with them. Dedicate the beginning of your speech to engagement that allows everyone to get to know each other a little bit.” Once you know your audience, you are off to a great start.

2​. Connect your audience to your story
Without engagement, there is no connection. Jayaweera explains further, “as a motivational speaker it is your responsibility to pull the listener into your story. Make it resonate with them.” A truly motivating story isn’t one-sided. “If your goal is to connect people, you want the audience to feel as if they are living your story right alongside you,” states Jayaweera. “Engagement creates a journey you all experience together and leave with a sense of connection.”

3​. Develop an authentic connection
“​Engagement is like lighting a spark between you and your audience,” explains Jayaweera. “If you don’t light that spark, you’ve missed your opportunity to connect.” Whether it is for a client or yourself, every audience you reach is looking to connect to your story, product, brand, etc. Give them a solid reason to. Jayaweera says further, “utilize that two-way component of the conversation, engage, and develop an authentic connection that is beneficial to all parties.”  What Joshua Jayaweera truly understands is that engagement is more than just a digital media buzzword. It is a productive communication component that cannot be left out of speeches and presentations alike. “Engagement is on the rise, and everyone is talking about it,” states Jayaweera. “The most successful motivational speakers understand it. They utilize it.” With this explanation in mind, anyone can take their presentations from mundane to riveting with values centered on a connection.

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