International Loops Has Spearheaded a New Way to Do Influencer Marketing

by Amir Bakian

Influencer marketing is continually evolving. Helping it become more refined and effective is International Loops. Founded by entrepreneur Jennifer Brooks, this social media marketing agency has become globally-recognized for its innovative approach to influencer marketing. Founded in 2015, International Loops has been helping brands with growing their audiences on Instagram. Celebrities have been a major asset to this SMM agency, and are used as part of its Exclusive Advertising campaigns. By leveraging the massive audiences celebrities have, International Loops can easily help brands grow their audiences.

The International Loops Instagram page itself has come to be a mega influencer itself, hovering around the one million mark. This demonstrates just how popular the agency’s marketing campaigns have become. The use of celebrities and influencers in marketing campaigns has been one of the key reasons why International Loops is now a multi-million dollar business. It has assisted numerous brands to expand their audiences on social media, and reap the rewards that come with that. Advertising with the help of celebrities isn’t the only method Jenny has employed. Another, even more innovative method, she launched involved the use of what she called “sweepstakes loops.” These don’t involve using any celebrities. Instead, they rely on the creation of a giveaway loop using a small network of people who want to cross-promote one anothers’ Instagram pages. Everyone in the network promotes everyone else, resulting in mutual benefit. This incentivizes people to follow everyone within the network and get the chance to win prizes.

Sweepstakes loops turned out to be incredibly popular. It is what has helped skyrocket International Loops into the most globally-recognized social media marketing agency today. Given how many other SMM agencies are out there, that is quite an impressive feat. The power of influencer marketing cannot be understated. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising on Instagram annually. This has become the number one social media platform for influencers, and for a good reasons. The ROI is massive. People trust the recommendations influencers give on Instagram for products and services. Leveraging the influence these power players have on social media helps Jenny provide the growth her clients are looking for.

International Loops is currently highly sought after. The marketing techniques Jenny has created have proven themselves to be incredibly successful, and have helped brands of all sizes. The power of using celebrities and influencers, as well as the effectiveness of cross-promotion, continue to help brands that collaborate with International Loops. If you have been looking for a social media marketing agency that consistently delivers results, and does so in a cost-effective way, then you will want to look into International Loops. Countless brands owe their success thanks to this SMM agency, and yours may join the ranks as well.

If you want to learn more about International Loops, you can head to the official website, and also follow on Instagram.

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