How One Technology Company Makes a Difference Through the Pandemic: PandMedic Solutions

by Magdalena Munao

As the coronavirus lingers in the US, many states have transitioned into new norms with guidelines and restrictions pertaining to reducing the spread of the virus.

The most common practice to lower Covid case numbers has undoubtedly been to encourage and in some places, to require people to wear masks. While this crucial accessory has now become an essential item for many Americans when leaving the house, the demand for masks has grown exponentially in the United States.

Despite the widespread demand for masks, one technology company was able to predict this critical need very early on in 2020 and therefore saw an opportunity to take matters into their own hands.

PandMedic, an American-based manufacturing and technologies company recently built and established their own factory right here in the U.S. where they have been producing millions of N95 masks.

Despite the fact that many wholesale buyers would often purchase N95 masks from manufacturers and sellers in China, with the slow of business and shipping, it only became increasingly difficult to receive masks from overseas.

In January 2020, while news of the coronavirus rapidly spreading in China still felt like a world away to many Americans, PandMedic Founder and CEO Shaul Rappaport realized the magnitude of the impact this virus could potentially have after flying from China himself back to the States.

Upon his arrival to Los Angeles, after he and 300 other passengers de-boarded the plane without so much as a temperature check, Rappaport knew the demand for protective and sanitizing products would soon be overwhelming.

With an advantage to have access to a factory with capability to manufacture N95 masks on American soil, Rappaport saw an opportunity not to make a beneficial business move, but an opportunity to make a difference in one of the most historically challenging times in the history of the U.S.

PandMedic’s factory is located in Las Vegas where they additionally manufacture other groundbreaking products to help combat the pandemic.


After developing an anti-pandemic safety gate that functions by sanitizing patrons as they walk through the gate, similar to an x-ray machine at an airport, PandMedic looks forward to introducing the machine to major venues like hospitals, airports, concert venues, universities, and sporting events.

And as we continue to wait for a cure or vaccine while the U.S. remains constantly depleted of its N95 mask inventory across the country, PandMedic strives to create and provide solutions that will contribute to the fight against the virus. To learn more about PandMedic and their products and innovations, visit

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