How Model And Professional Racer Jordan Rand Drives Her Way to Success

by Thomas Herd

As the fashion industry has expanded into the digital realm, models have been given an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their shining personalities and body of work with thousands of people across social media. American model Jordan Rand has brought an extra kick of badassery to the table with her passion for motorcycles, turning the London-based beauty into a must-follow. While her sweet disposition and eclectic interests helped catapult her to success in the fashion world, Rand’s extensive body of work speaks for itself, and the model continues to remain one to watch in the industry and beyond. Born in Germany, Rand spent her childhood years in Colorado where she was exposed to a world of athletic opportunities. Alongside partaking in classic Coloradan sports like skiing, the long-legged beauty found a passion for figure skating, learning a level of gracefulness she still implements to this day in her modeling work. “I’ve always been a really driven kid, I would drag my mom out of bed at four in the morning to go train,” reminisced Rand. “I credit that determination for a lot of my success.”

And her hard work paid off. After becoming state champion in track and field for three years in a row, the American stunner was offered a full-ride scholarship to Manhattan College in New York City, where she studied psychology. Rand knew NYC was the perfect place for her to go to school, having her sights set for an eventual segue into the modeling world. Following her stint at Manhattan College, the 5’11 stunner signed with an agency as a fitness model at age 23, utilizing her athleticism to her advantage in the industry. But Rand had higher ambitions outside of the fitness sector, knowing she had what it takes to become a success in the fashion side of things. “You kind of get pigeonholed in the fitness industry, I was always told I would never be able to break into fashion,” Rand told the Daily Front Row. “But I wouldn’t accept that as an answer.” Determined to turn her dream into a reality, Rand took it upon herself to organize shoots herself with photographers, building a strong fashion portfolio in the process. But her true big break came when she chopped off her lifelong straightened hair in favor of growing out her natural curls. After a brief identity crisis about the new look, Rand quickly embraced her fresh locks and became empowered by the confidence they brought her. “I would encourage any girl who has curly hair to embrace it and fight against the way society previously didn’t celebrate natural hair. It’s so worth it, and so beautiful,” said the American model. “I celebrate curls like crazy.”

The choice paid off in droves, with the beauty quickly booking a campaign for renowned luxury brand Moncler, who she still partners with to this day. Rand has since worked with industry powerhouses like Coach, shot with famed photographer Russell James, and graced the pages of multiple international editions of Elle. The model’s latest campaign for Altuzarra was shot in Dubai at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, offering Rand a brief respite from lockdown while creating out of this world images showcasing the stunner’s talent. Her growing buzz even earned Rand a callback to the lauded Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2018, where she made countless headlines thanks to showing up on her beloved Ducati, a staple in her daily life. “I had always been the girl who rode around the city and went to castings on my Ducati,” said Rand, with her choice of ride bringing unparalleled attention to the model and creating a multitude of fans for her all-around badassery.

The beauty had found in her passion for motorcycles spontaneously, deciding the vehicle would be the easiest way for her to get around Manhattan’s bustling streets. Rand bought her first bike that very same day, with an extra kickstart from the head of the dealership who helped teach her how to ride in the back alleys of the city. The beauty has been dedicated to riding for 8 years since, even expanding her love for bikes onto the competitive track. Rand’s passion for motorcycles caught the eyes of the eSkootr Championship, an Formula 1 tech-level electric scooter sport, and has since been tapped to participate in its premiere competition. She’s set to test drive the venture’s first official scooters in Italy this July, and says she’s excited about the prospects of sustainability ESC wants to bring to racing and her own involvement in its expansion.

“I’ve always wanted to be someone who pushed the boundaries of life,” says Rand. “I’ve never wanted to play things safe or regret missing out on an experience when I die.” “Being a fashion model and then becoming a professional racer, those things don’t coincide, but I’m running like hell like I’m on fire to make them happen.” To never miss a beat on Jordan’s exciting projects, join the model’s 138,000 followers on Instagram for a peek into her high-octane lifestyle.

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