How Horus Straps Is Blending Technical Engineering and Latest Fashion to Develop Market-Leading Straps for Premium Luxury Watches

by Amir Bakian

Straps for premium luxury watches are more than just an accessory addition. They make watches stand out and get attention. Straps are becoming more about expressing personal style and flavor while serving their intended purpose. With straps complementing the overall look of a watch, there is one company that has identified the potential for stylish, aesthetic, and comfortable watch straps. Horus watch straps are ushering in a new era of premium luxury watch culture to revolutionize the watch industry.

Horus watch straps is a premium luxury watch strap company that provides stunning and functional straps for watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Panerai. The company initially started as an eCommerce website in 2014. Ever since Horus has been at the forefront of the new premium watch culture. Using Instagram as their primary marketing platform, Horus was the first company to push straps heavily on social media platforms. They were boosted by their Miami-inspired blue rubber straps that went viral all the time.

One aspect that makes Horus products unique and desirable is their ability to bring innovation to the formal Swiss watch industry. The company blends technical engineering and the latest fashion to develop market-leading straps for premium luxury watches. Horus straps are prototyped and tested at the highest engineering levels to give them a healthy dose of stylishness combined with comfort. To develop each strap, Horus utilizes proprietary methods taking full advantage of its material engineering and prototyping capabilities. The straps help make the Swiss watches available in the market look more fashionable and unique while preserving the luxury outlook of the watches.

According to Mark, founder of Horus Watch Straps, they focus on the comfort of the watch straps as much as they focus on making unique straps. He explains that even though offering a variety of color choices to customers is one of the core focuses of the business, they do not compromise on comfort and quality. He believes that their products are the best in the market because one can comfortably wear their straps during any season of the year.

Why does Horus pay so much attention to technical engineering for their straps?
The most important function of straps is to keep the watch firmly in place so that the owner of the watch feels that the watch is a natural extension of him. Horus ensures that its straps perform the one task it is bound to perform, keep the watch firmly in place. This is why a lot of attention is given to technical engineering for watch straps.

  • Brand: Just like how watch enthusiasts have an admiration and love for mechanical watches, Horus has a love for technically engineering their watch straps with creativity and a sense of fashion. They care about their brand and want to leave a highly positive impression of their products in the mind of their customers.
  • Value: Swiss watches are known for their premium luxury nature that puts a high value on them. Horus seeks to uphold this value while making more fashionable straps for the watches that amplify their value.
  • Durability: Horus watch straps are highly durable. The company recognizes that users almost always wear their watches when they go out. The watch straps are made to feel comfortable around the wrist even after months and years of use.

With Horus leading the way in watch straps with their recognizable line of products for premium watch brands, the company continues to develop new straps for different watch brands in a bid to expand its offering.

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