How Clothing Store Zamage Came Up With An Effective Strategy To Flourish Amidst The Pandemic

by DN News Desk

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way that businesses find customers and bring in orders. When the lockdown was in full effect, many stores had to close their doors. If they didn’t offer online shopping, they were doomed. Zamage is a clothing brand that’s flourishing during the pandemic by employing strategies that customers love.

Zachary Sheaffer started Zamage in 2004. As the company expanded, he first started carrying more products and upgrading his retail store, but he soon realized that selling clothing online was the way of the future. “The fact that we already had an online store set up was very fortunate,” said Sheaffer. “But we knew that wasn’t enough to draw in customers during this difficult time. It isn’t enough to just have your clothing available online; you have to give customers a reason to care.” Sheaffer and his team brainstormed how to show customers that they’re committed to bringing them the best goods possible, no matter what was going on in the outside world. Most online stores were experiencing intense shipping delays, which were leaving customers frustrated and without their items for weeks or even months. “We decided that we would guarantee that our shipments wouldn’t be delayed. We offered fast, reliable shipping that really made a difference for our clients. It helped us stand out.” Because they were shipping so quickly, they knew they could also provide the thing that everyone in America was scrambling for: a stylish, reliable face mask. These masks are currently only $0.49 on their website, and they’re washable and reusable with breathable, stretchy fabric. In addition, they give a free face mask neck gaiter to everyone who visits their stores after lockdown. “We know how hard our customers are struggling, and we want to be part of the good in their worlds right now, not another source of frustration. I think we’ve definitely achieved that.”

Zamage sells men’s clothing and accessories including track pants, shirts, denim, and sneaker tees. They constantly update their inventory so they can offer the newest merchandise.  “I stock items that I know my customers will be excited about. All of our pieces are hand picked to look great and have fantastic value.”

If you’re looking for fantastic men’s clothing during these troubling times, you won’t get more stylish items anywhere else. Plus, they’ll ship them to your door quickly and reliably, too!

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