Hirepay Satisfying Employment Needs During COVID-19

by Alexandra Morris

COVID-19 plummeted the employment rate around the world, and now with the restrictions of lockdown easing up, companies are frantically searching for willing and available employees. HirePay, an Australian based company extending its helping hand to recruitment agencies around the globe, is an effective solution. The easy, client-tailored installment service eliminates the cash flow burden of paying professional recruitment fees and ensures better hires.

Any company seeking to hire can select any recruitment agency they want and use HirePay to pay invoice. Using professional recruiters is proven to help companies get more appropriate candidates first time round, avoiding the true expense of doing it yourself and getting it wrong. Wasted time and money are a thing of the past due to HirePay’s compelling business model.

“Through our finance partnership with HirePay, we are in a position where any small business that still needs to hire a new team member in the next six months can do so by splitting their recruitment fee over a six month period whilst the recruitment agency will still receive their recruitment fee through us, upfront,” TalentVine CEO Justin Falk said. “TalentVine is proud to help SME employers hire now, grow now, and pay later.”

HirePay covers also cover contract labor invoices in full in 24 hours. This advancement leaves HirePay’s customers stress-free, and there are no hidden fees, just a small service charge added to each installment. HirePay’s other incentive is the no lock-in contract policy, allowing clients to terminate services without penalty.

“HirePay has been nothing but amazing,” Disney X Short Story Co-founder William Du said. “Lisa, our superstar account manager, has been so helpful and quick to respond! They really are on your team! David, the CEO, has been nothing but extremely helpful and understanding during these tough times. They genuinely want to help you out and do everything in their power to do so! Highly recommended and will ALWAYS be my first go-to for quick funding.”

HirePay’s esteemed team works non-stop to accommodate all client needs and is determined to grow companies faster with their specialized strategies. Using a recruitment firm has been proven in academic studies to be more beneficial than job boards like LinkedIn. Some key factors include job listing recognition, thus targeting the right candidates considering the vast unemployment group. Not to mention, sifting through the plethora of applications is a waste of time, HirePay’s services make the process effortless.

“We find people are much more cognoscente of making sure they get it right with hiring now, as the cost of a bad hire is often extreme,” CEO David Price says.. “At the same time cash flow issues have been further exaggerated for most companies. So during COVID, there has been even more demand for HirePay for these reasons.”

HirePay solves the painful process of financing for hire. Their elite team tackles the task quickly so each company can operate with a sufficient talent pool. HirePay is committed to growing every company they serve and has proven to be a favorable choice.

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