Hamptons Shop Talk: Clic General Store

by Dena Silver
Clic General Store

While the initial draw of the Hamptons might be picturesque beaches and pristine summer homes, the East End has undoubtedly become a go-to shopping destination. With world-class boutiques situated next to Mom-and-Pop retailers, you could easily spend an entire weekend perusing Main Street in East Hampton or Jobs Lane in Southampton and beyond. So The Daily Summer went to town chatting with the chicest boutique’s gatekeepers, aka the sales girls and boys, to see what’s happening on the shopping front. Can you blame us for snagging a few summer must-haves in the process? This week, we popped by Clic General Store in East Hampton, located at 60 Newtown Lane, to chat with shop gal Temidra Willock

What’s the deal with Clic General Store?
It’s a mixture of different brands; a lot of our stuff is homemade and has some organic touch to it. The owner, Christiane Celle, is French and the founder of Calypso, so for her, this is kind of going back to her roots and starting all over again.

How cool! Do you ever get to work alongside Christiane?
Yes, all the time! I actually first worked with her back when I was at Calypso too.

What’s your favorite piece in the store?
All of the Coral & Tusk stuff! The pieces are hand embroidered by an artist in Brooklyn, and the rest of her materials are made in India. Also this hand-dyed jumpsuit by Upstate is amazing.

What notable customers have stopped by?
Recently, Jimmy Fallon and Emma Roberts have been in.

What’s your favorite town to hang out in?
Montauk! There’s a new place, the Harbor Raw Bar and Lounge that I love. On weekends they even have live music!

Do you have any summertime pet peeves?
I actually don’t got to the beach in the summer because it’s so crowded. I prefer to go in September or October when nobody is around.

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