Freshy Kicks Off Pride Month with Its Brite Future Campaign

The Company CEO Gifts Free Kicks to the Graduating Seniors of Harvey Milk High School

by The Daily Front Row

Freshy, the footwear company that playfully brands itself as ‘sneakers with attitude’, is celebrating Pride month by giving LGBTQ+ youth a freshy new start.  Last week, the company’s CEO donated Freshy sneakers and slides to the graduating seniors of the Harvey Milk High School, New York City’s public high school that caters to gay,
lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth.

Principal Daphne Perrini invited Scott Willman, Freshy’s openly gay founder and CEO, to speak with Harvey Milk students on Wednesday, June 5 th , about the process of starting a sneaker line. He explained how he launched the brand with no prior design experience but was able to bring his concept to life by employing the right team thatsupported his off-the-wall ideas. He emphasized how being different and thinking outside of the box was key to his success and he encouraged the students to embrace their eccentric dreams and goals. He then announced the company’s newly formed 501c3 FRESHYcares Foundation, and its “Brite Future” campaign, and asked the students to log onto the Freshy website to pick out their own pair of Freshy sneakers and slides. The gifted shoes are being shipped to their homes at no cost to the students. The youth were overjoyed with a few running up to the podium to shake Willman’s hand and to offer him a hug. Others presented suggestions for future Pride sneaker collections.

“We’re excited to support these young people as they navigate into adulthood,” Scott Willman said after the presentation. “In addition to making superior footwear, we at Freshy want to do our part in making this world a better place that champions boldness and helps people walk in confidence.” Scott Willman admits he struggled with his identity as a teenager.  “I didn’t quite fit in with my peers,” he reflects.  “I wanted to be colorful when everyone else was wearing neutrals.”  He allowed his peers to dull his shine, something he regrets today.  “We are all unicorns and we need to embrace what makes us unique,” he says He launched Freshy in 2020 as a lifestyle brand with a simple yet radical idea: customers aren’t mere transactional figures but valued members of a vibrant community. The company embraces diversity, strives for equality, and fights for social change.

“Freshy kicks aren’t just footwear; they’re a celebration of fun, designed to be a canvas for the individual,” he says. “They are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring durability without compromising comfort. From the stitching to the materials, every element is chosen with care.” Collections are mild to wild.  Some contain fun, colorful fuzzy textures. Others offer casual sophistication and luxury; all with the brand’s unique twist.

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