Fashion Meets Function: Bared Footwear’s 9-5 Approved Heels Are A Game-Changerv

by Amir Bakian

Finding a nice-looking pair of heels that also provides comfort is often next to impossible. Yet, the Australian-based label Bared Footwear has successfully found the balance and continues to be a game-changer since its inception in 2008. Revolutionising the footwear industry with work-appropriate heels that merge fashion and function, Bared Footwear exemplifies the ideal fusion of innovative design, exceptional comfort and sustainable practices.

An Intersection of Fashion and Foot Health

Recognising a niche in the market, podiatrist Anna Baird made it her mission to fulfil the collective desire for high-quality footwear that’s actually good for you. While the range is designed to support your every step, it’s the attention to detail that sets it apart from the rest.

Fitted in every pair, their unique biomechanical footbed is a fundamental component in all their shoes, providing unparalleled support and cushioning. The footbed’s arch shape boosts foot function and lessens heel pressure, while the heel cup offers superior support.

Unlike most heels, Bared’s heels are designed to alleviate forefoot pressure and not feel like regular heels. Designed to be worn for hours not minutes, every hidden support features enables correct foot function and foot flex.

In addition to these game-changing enhancements in footwear, the brand is also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. This is demonstrated in real-time assistance through their live chat feature, where potential customers are guided throughout the selection process. They even offer the opportunity to try on extra pairs of shoes free of charge, allowing customers to compare sizes and styles.

Pioneering Sustainability in Footwear Production

The footwear and leather industries generate substantial waste, with the global annual production of footwear surpassing 21 billion pairs. In response, Bared Footwear leads sustainability efforts in the footwear industry through eco-conscious production standards.

The company introduced their B.Plantfoam™ footbed, composed of 72% biobased materials. With a carbon footprint of 3.85 kg CO2e, it reduces CO2 emissions by 70% when compared to traditional petroleum-based footbeds. Bared Footwear’s use of MIRUM™, an eco-friendly biobased leather alternative, and the innovative ‘Pliant’ outsole technology are significant advancements in their mission to reduce fossil fuel usage, slash emissions, and transform the industry with novel methods and eco-friendly materials.

“We are still on the journey to develop a shoe that is 100% biobased and will break down naturally, but we are really proud of our progress. We are really excited to be working with some incredible new materials being developed worldwide,” shares Baird.

As Australia’s first B Corp-certified footwear label, Bared Footwear is committed to high social and environmental standards, transparency, and accountability. This certification validates their dedication to positive societal impact and quality.

Bared Footwear also makes significant charitable contributions, including donations to global hunger initiatives and collaborations to combat shoe waste. They have partnered with Save Our Soles to repurpose old shoes into retail mats. Through their carbon offsetting initiative with Greenfleet, they have managed to offset over 5,380 metric tonnes of carbon emissions, emphasising their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Walking Toward a Better Future

Bared Footwear is more than a footwear label – it’s a trailblazer in the industry. The brand has created an impressive blend of aesthetics and orthopaedic principles. Their B Corp certification, impactful partnerships, shoe recycling program, responsible leather sourcing, and commitment to offsetting carbon emissions all set a remarkable example of a brand striving to make a positive difference in the world. By placing style, comfort, and ethical practices at the forefront, Bared Footwear invites consumers and businesses to rethink their approach to fashion, leading the path to a more sustainable future.

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