Exploring the Distinctive Artistry of Eve Liu: A Pioneer in Contemporary Flat Illustrations

by Amir Bakian

In recent years, a unique style of flat illustrations has gained widespread popularity on the internet.
Characterized by bold color combinations and geometric shapes, this captivating style, prevalent on fast-
paced social platforms, is crafted by Eve Liu, a professional New York-based illustrator.

Hailing from Changsha, Hunan, Eve is an artist born in the mid-1990s. Starting at the age of 18, she
pursued further studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design and later at the Maryland Institute
College of Art, specializing in product, animation pre-production, and editorial illustration. Her works
have earned numerous international awards, including recognition from 3×3, AI-AP, and others, making
her a role model for fellow artists.

Influenced by 70s-80s Japanese pop culture, Eve’s art blends nostalgia with modern geometric elements,
offering a visually rich experience. As a "not easily confined" illustrator, her unique aesthetic defies easy

Playing with color and form, turning flat illustrations not “flat”
Eve’s works often first captivate viewers with vibrant colors, ranging from current dopamine color
schemes exuding a gentle and comfortable atmosphere to lively candy-colored palettes reminiscent of
fizzy summer drinks. Sometimes, she boldly removes color, using black, white, and gray to compose
scenes that resemble vintage photographs. Without a fixed color palette, she fearlessly experiments with
different colors based on themes and moods.

Eve, sharing daily life on social platforms, finds inspiration in everyday moments. With a love for life, keen sensibility, and fashion sense, her emotionally resonant artworks portray women in various archetypes, allowing viewers to interpret different feelings based on their moods and experiences.


Another highlight of Eve’s work is her concise geometric composition. The graphics not only boast strong recognition individually but also create visual appeal through the overlapping and variation of different shapes. In abstract pieces, the collision of dots, lines, planes, and large color blocks generates rich visual stimuli. In concrete scenes, the size and positioning of graphics simulate a perspective effect, making flat illustrations not so “flat.”

In 2022, Eve hosted a solo exhibition in Shanghai titled “Borders,” exploring the theme of the boundary between the audience and the world within the paintings. Utilizing various forms such as hanging paintings, mirror stickers, sculptures, and decorative arts, she expressed herself in three-dimensional space. Eve transformed small graphics from her artwork into Instagram effects, adding an extra layer of fun to the exhibition.

Eve’s personal style aligns well with media promotion, attracting attention from various platforms. Collaborations with “The New Yorker” and “The Boston Globe” for editorial illustrations, National Book Awards illustrations, and covers for translated editions of “Lord of the Flies” showcase her versatility and creativity, earning accolades like the 3×3 award.

In 2 years, Eve explored various expressions beyond flat colors, delving into 3D modeling and animation, infusing dynamic frames with static illustrations.

Breaking free from traditional media is inevitable in this era, and Eve’s attempt not only broadens the boundaries of her creative process but also aligns with market demands. Renowned brands such as BenQ, 20th Century Fox, and Starbucks have collaborated with Eve for product promotions, opening animations, and cover designs.


Eve’s perseverance earned her collaborations with major brands like UPS, Google, and Nike, creating meaningful illustrations for the AAPI community. In response to “Stop Asian Hate,” she collaborated with UPS on a special cover for shipping boxes distributed to AAPI small businesses nationwide.


Eve and UPS uplifted AAPI small businesses with free shipping boxes, blending traditional elements to promote Asian culture. The artwork, “Different Cultures, Same Drive,” embodies a vibrant, resilient Asian community. Distributed nationwide, these limited edition boxes garnered widespread support, bridging traditions and modern trends.

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Google Chrome collaborated with five AAPI artists, including Eve, to create 20 browser themes. Eve’s four illustrations blend Asian tradition and modernity, featuring the red-crowned crane, kites, a running girl, and highlights. These diverse themes cater to different preferences, showcasing vibrant colors and classical elegance. The red-crowned crane theme received praise for its classical palette. The series has been downloaded and used by over 100,000 users.

Nike, with Think True, commissioned Eve to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with an illustration supporting AAPI achievements in sports. The artwork gained positive social media responses, introducing Eve’s Asian culture depiction to North America and raising awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes.

Accumulating valuable experience through these activities, Eve’s artistry and understanding of themes have matured. Her abilities and professionalism as a career illustrator are coveted skills for many emerging artists. Recognizing this, Eve has been invited by major media institutions and schools to serve as a guest lecturer and has developed comprehensive courses to help and support aspiring artists on their professional journeys.

Practical teaching, significant benefits for emerging artists
Eve’s influence extended beyond her artwork as she became a guest lecturer at major institutions like Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). addressing concerns of students regarding freelancing, self-improvement, and communication with brands. Her practical teaching received high praise, inspiring young artists and newcomers in the art and design industry.

In 2023, Eve served as a judge for the “ijungle” Illustration Contest, discovering outstanding works and emerging artists. She also offered comprehensive courses on China’s cctalk platform, covering practical creative techniques for fashion figures, brand illustrations, and publication motions, attracting over 1,000 students.

Eve’s illustration career has thrived through collaborations with prominent brands, increasing the influence of Asian culture in North America and raising awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes. Her shift from static to motion illustrations signifies a pivotal moment in her artistic evolution, influencing the future of the illustration industry.

Regarding her future career plans, Eve expresses a more active involvement in learning and applying motion graphics, hoping to see more exciting works from her in the future.

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