Company that has developed stylish Anti-theft purse receives patents in China and United States

by Tom White

Ilesovi Inc. has reached an important milestone in the development of a safety purse that prevents women’s belongings from being stolen by being patented in the United States and China. 

The theft-proof  purse has been designed with a multitude of features that secure a woman’s belongings and enable them to know their belongings are safe while they are out in public. Ilesovi Inc. was founded by Joan Dao after her mother had her purse stolen and was a victim of an assault in which she suffered kicks to the ribs in broad daylight. Her mother then had her credit cards maxed out, and they were never caught.

This inspired Dao to develop the purse, which offers a new protection for women and doesn’t look like a security bag, so there is no attention drawn from potential thieves who perceive a security bag as containing valuable items to steal. The bag will be officially launched this year during New York Fashion week in September. 

With the development and launch of the purse, Dao aims for women to feel safe when they are out in public, and don’t have to worry about their essential belongings being stolen. In addition to the incident of her mother having her purse stolen and being assaulted, Dao had her phone stolen from her purse while at a nightclub. In addition to the phone, there was another incident when Dao had her wallet stolen which contained her identification. 

She realized there is a very high rate of women all over the country falling victim to the theft with either their purses being stolen or their essential items like bank cards and IDs being stolen. In the near future, Dao aims to continue working on the theft-proof purse to add in more security features that will further protect women while they are in the public from having their belongings stolen. 

One of the milestones that launched Ilesovi Inc. to begin further pursuing the development and launch of the purse was being invited to a large software conference in California. After gaining attention to the purse, Dao knew it had potential to protect women around the country. 

“With so many women falling victim to theft it’s very important for them to have a better way to protect themselves and their belongings, which are all in one place inside of a purse,” says  Dao. “I want to bring the theft-proof purse we have developed at Ilesovi to as many women as possible to give them the experience of real safety.”

Anyone interested in purchasing one of the theft proof handbags can purchase them online at the Ilesovi Inc. webpage.

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