Brittney Jones Shares Simple Strategies to Grow Your Online Business

by Amir Bakian

It’s no doubt that online business is thriving, especially in this social media era. Two decades ago, online business was not a thing. Perhaps then only the tech industry was concerned with the digital space. But that’s in the past now. Technology is now running the show in the business world. It is currently challenging to grow your business without ever being online. There are close to 4 billion active social media users who are ready for your products and services.

Brittney Jones is a top female online business coach and entrepreneur. She has been in the industry for years now and understands the dynamics of the online market. She has trained thousands of entrepreneurs globally in online business. Throughout her career, Brittney has built many in-demand courses, addressed conferences globally, and uses her experience to host a weekly podcast called the ‘The Underestimate me Podcast’. Other than the business coaching world, Brittney is a very successful online business person who was recently named the Top Female Entrepreneur to follow for 2020. She found her way into the business world in high school and soon after completing her business degree, she went right back to her entrepreneurial roots. She has grown from struggling to make $2K to making over $70k in a month with her coaching business. In 2020 alone, she made an income of over half a million dollars and she is only 30 years old, a feat that many entrepreneurs strive for over decades.

Her unique approach to online business pushed her to transform her fortunes overnight to the surprise of her critics. Brittney holds the belief that you can achieve whatever dreams you chase as long as you set the right plan and strategies to guide your path. To her, there is no limit to how much one can achieve within a particular timeline.

Here are some of the top strategies she believes will be helpful to change your business and start growing rapidly online.

Identify your niche and build a unique brand
The online space is one big market with lots of brands that offer similar or different products. Identifying and specifying your specific niche and what you are good at is the first step to achieving success. The plans and strategies you make will be founded on the niche and brand you develop. Ensure your brand is unique and stands out in the market.  What happens is we try to cater to everyone online and in doing so our message ends up diluted and never translates.

Deliver rich content
Content is essential to online business. Be it for a blog or for describing a product. Strive to deliver high-quality content that serves more than just advertising purposes. It’s the content that will attract online clients to your business and should be delivered in a way that keeps them connected.  DOn’t be afraid to be you.  We buy from those we know, like, and trust.  Let your audience in to see all sides of you.

Make the most of one platform
Social media should be at the core of your marketing efforts. It can be extremely overwhelming to grow your online presence.  Pick one platform and use it as your primary online space.  Get really good at it and stay extremely consistent with it before you add in a new platform.  The truth is all platforms work to convert an audience into paying customers but you can’t do that when you’re spreading yourself too think and diluting your message.

Collaboration over competition
The secret to growing an online business is through collaboration and community.  THis is counter intuitive I think to many industries in the traditional business world who see their colleagues as competitors.  The truth is to grow a larger online business you have to be genuine in your networking and excited to collaborate with others for the long haul whether this is through giveaway, shared content, joint lives or guest speaking opportunities.  These collaborations play a crucial role in building an online business quickly. You can reach out to Brittney on her Instagram and on her website.

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