Bjorn Seiz & Roman Shapovalov Explain Why Entrepreneurship is Well Worth Its Hardships

by DN News Desk

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey that often discourages entrepreneurs who are not strong enough to get past the roadblocks. It looks attractive on the outside since the fruits of entrepreneurial success are unmatched; however, the reality is that embarking on an entrepreneurial journey means getting prepared for sleepless nights, dead ends, competition, and risk-taking. Those who’ve walked the entrepreneurial journey understand what it takes to get to the top from ground zero. Take, for instance, Roman Shapovalov, a successful real estate investor, and Bjorn Seiz, also known as O5O, investor and entrepreneur. Roman began his journey at the very bottom, from doing odd jobs, and has built his empire with determination and self-belief. Bjorn is no different; he started out with nothing and now runs billion-dollar companies. Roman and Bjorn are young entrepreneurs who prove that entrepreneurship is well-worth its hardships, and here’s why:

True Freedom
One of the biggest perks of being an entrepreneur is the autonomy that you get to enjoy. You have complete control over your time and finances. As an entrepreneur, you get to decide when to do what. Roman always wanted to be financially independent from a young age, and there weren’t many choices to achieve this except to become an entrepreneur. He points out, “Entrepreneurship opens vistas that come your way one after the another. It gives you the freedom to operate from anywhere, anytime.” On the other hand, Bjorn notes that his journey began at 13 when he’d sell clothes online. He always wanted to create something of his own. “I not only enjoy time and financial freedom but also get to do what I love every day.”

Opportunity To Learn
Entrepreneurship means that you are continually growing and learning. Bjorn states that being an entrepreneur gave him room to make mistakes and learn from them. “I went into debt very quickly when my business at 18 succeeded and earned me a lot of money; this was because I had no experience in business and didn’t know about wise spending.”

Experience in various fields is a guarantee of entrepreneurship. Roman went from IT management, became a finance manager, and then opted to jump ship into real estate for his business. “Even with the experience I have in one field, as an entrepreneur, I can always learn new skills and apply them to my business or branch my business into other industries.”

Unlimited Growth
When working a regular traditional job, you realize very quickly that there’s a ceiling on how far you can grow. Entrepreneurship is different; you have no limitations on how far you can grow yourself or your business. “I am running a billion-dollar business, with better understanding now, but I am still looking at ways of expanding my business,” says Bjorn.

“The idea of living life on your own terms is worth any challenge,” notes Roman. There’s no ceiling on how much he can earn or grow his business or whether or not you can explore more than one industry. While entrepreneurship truly is daunting, the resulting success is much more enjoyable than anything else. Bjorn and Roman prove that you can start at the very bottom and succeed in business. It is worth all the obstacles standing in your way.

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