Benny Nisanov: How to Describe your Custom Piece to a Jeweler

by amirbakian

Buying custom-made jewelry is a big deal. It does not matter whether you are getting your first piece or adding to your outstanding collection. It is a significant investment and most people exercise extra caution before pumping money into it. However, buying custom jewelry is one of the best investments you can make, provided that you conduct due diligence before making the purchase.

Benny Nisanov is popularly known as ‘benny da jeweler’. He is a top American Jeweler known for his unique and flashy custom designs. He is New York’s go-to person for high-end custom pieces and has worked with a number of celebrities, including French Montana, Diddy, Lil TJay, Pop Smoke, and Mary Blige, among others.

Benny has mastered the art of custom jewelry, and most of his clients acknowledge him for his unique ability to focus on the client’s details and replicate precisely what they need. Having learned from the best, his father who passed away, Benny has continuously sharpened his skills, scaling his designs to top-notch levels.

His work routine is straightforward and begins with the clients contacting him to share their ideas of the type of piece they want. From there, he can sketch a sample presentation of the client’s description before having it carved in a wooden piece that will be used to copy the final image. Clients describing what they want is one of the easiest but yet challenging tasks. It’s a crucial phase of the jewelry custom process, and that’s why Benny takes the initiative to share some of the essential aspects to consider.

Sharing the design you have in mind is very easy and essential. You can do it many ways by either narration or simply doing a sketch yourself and presenting it to the jeweler. Custom jewelry is appreciated when presented as a gift or surprise.

Have it in mind that you are translating your vision to your jeweler. Endeavor to ensure they get the precise image of the type and general look of the piece. Benny stresses the need to be open-minded and express any changes that you think are necessary before it’s too late.

Meeting with your jeweler is also essential. Strive to make an appointment with them to discuss the sketch. A one-on-one session is always better as you can exchange ideas candidly and openly. Such a session will also give you the time to preview the sketch. You have the opportunity also to showcase your sketch and describe how you want it to be replicated. Remember to give the jeweler time to ask his own set of questions to understand what you want. Please do not be so rigid in your plan; it is essential to have what you want and allow your jeweler to suggest any enhancements that they deem fit.

Remember to give a final verdict on the sketch to allow the jeweler to proceed to the next step. Working with Benny is advantageous as you will review your sketch and then you can see his creation of a wooden piece to mimic the actual piece.

Lastly, give the jeweler time to work on your piece. Learn more from benny from his Instagram account @bennydajewel

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