Artistic Pitch – MLB Prospect Is Customizing Sneakers & Cleats For Stars & Fans

by DN News Desk

17-year old pro-baseball hot handle Landon Bonneville is showcasing a new creative side on his social media platforms. The pitcher has published an impressive series of customized cleats and sneakers, including some big names amongst his clients. Customized sneakers are surely one of the coolest and easiest way to make your outfit unique. There are quite a few artists out there, showing that shoes of all forms make a great canvas. One of those, is young baseball player and MLB prospect Landon Bonneville. The pitcher surprised his fans by launching a new Instagram page, sharing his creations. From cartoon heroes to personal messages and names – everything finds its way illustrated around the feet of his impressive list of clients. Of course his work includes baseball and football cleets, and even legends like David Wright and Michael Cuddyer have received their pair of ‘Landon’s Customs’. It’s always beautiful to see athletes sharing more interests and talents, beyond their athletic abilities, and this one could surely turn into a lucrative one.

It seems fashionistas and models have already spotted his work and the young man can be assured that there will be a number of incoming orders.

Countless comments under a post that shows cleats in a customized ‘AmongUs’ theme imply that entertainers, athletes and it-girls are looking to get their next pair of AirForce1s spiced up. People like top model Billy Arora, who commented ‘I can’t wait for mine!’, were promised that their pair ‘will be FIRE (flame emojis)’. Well, we can’t wait to see them either!

Young Athlete With Multiple Ventures
Bonneville has always been known to secure multiple lanes besides his athletic career, despite his young age. He is celebrated on social media and had shown glimpses of his artistic talent on shoes before, but little did we know the levels he had reached. Wheras some might assume that these passions could come as a distraction, Landon Bonneville proves week in and week out that he is not only fully focussed on his baseball career, but that he actually sources energy and balance from his other activities. His heart has always been beating for music production and art, and we hope he will be able to keep those passions alive next to his baseball career for as long as possible. It will be interesting to see whether his clients will look for more popular themed shoe designs, or whether he will eventually even develop his own style and designs. Regardless, Landon’s Customs is definitely something to follow!

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