Paris Fall 2013: Christian Dior

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(PARIS) Christian Dior
Raf Simons
was feeling a bit arty this season, so it seems, resulting in some quirky but still incredibly polished pieces. A few keystones, to recap: snug, strapless, straight-across bodices; wispy skirting, gently curvaceous and fluttery hems here and there, and a solid diet of black and white. As for the sketch-filled artiness factor? A stark white strapless pencil dress flaunted a one-hipped peplum festooned with flowers and the etching of a woman’s visage. Meanwhile, a white mini dress overlaid with sheer chiffon was printed with big drawings of heels and a 1930s style flowing sleeveless dress avec tiered vents in the front, adorned with a circle of birds along with a face and a rouge glove. Busy, busy on the illustrated front, Raf! Elsewhere, prints took shape in thickly textured herringbone motifs, silhouetted as everything from a strapless pencil dress overlaid with bubblegum pink crochet to an origami-esque overlay scrolling down one shoulder. Florals came out to frolic for a moment, in the form of a graphic mini dress, cobalt on top, flared pink skirt cut longer (read: knee-grazing) in the back. But the stunners were in the classics, like a white ruffled silk dress, one-sleeved and with a black skirt hitched up for some subtle legginess. Or a tomato-hued topper, flaunting an exaggerated necktie, and a sleek black leather coat dress with wide lapels and pockets. A whorl-y fur topper, slate-hued and square-necklined, felt glamorous in a restrained manner. Pointy and dainty, with delicate straps, was the M.O. on the footwear front. The only question remaining: what’s next, Raf?

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