Shop Thobias Set To Debut As A Leader In Women’s Fashion

by Thomas Herd

Over the years, fashion has transcended the concept of clothing, evolving into a respected art form across countless cultures. With its ability to transform us, inspire us and act as a medium for an artistic expression of our individual personalities, it has the power and influence to speak to anyone. Today, perfecting one’s style has very much become a part of a person’s brand and vibe, if you will. But with the retail space completely oversaturated with cheap fast fashion, it can be difficult to find apparel that is both high-quality and on trend. But one up-and-coming e-commerce entrepreneur is behind the latest clothing brand that has been designed specifically to cater to a unique and elevated taste. Known for a series of hugely successful e-commerce-based businesses as well as his recent success in turning $2 million worth of Tesla stock into $12 million, entrepreneur Kevin Thobias is positioned for success once again with the launch of his latest business, a high-end clothing line named Thobias.

Currently, affordable fashion comes at a cost—quality. Most of the trendy brands that do well on Instagram are often made up of low quality, cheap material that lasts only a few wears. And as Thobias believes that women shouldn’t have to compromise quality for cost, they have created high-quality U.S. manufactured clothing that’s unlike anything currently on the market. With designs that are elegant and European-inspired at an affordable price-point, Thobias is poised to be a major competitor in the women’s retail sector.

With so many brands regurgitating the same cheap designs over and over, Thobias are set to transcend the concept of online retail. Designed between London and Los Angeles and manufactured in LA, the brand will look to attract an upper echelon of clientele who curate their style with elegance, class, distinctiveness, and quality in mind. Thobias will additionally specialize in a line of iconic dresses that will serve countless occasions whether for a cocktail party, special events, or just going out.  Presently, Thobias is set to premiere in May of this year, just in time as the world begins to open up after the long effects of the pandemic. As Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada once said, “Fashion is instant language.” Thobias strives to appeal to a select demographic of inspired clientele looking to speak to others through distinctive style and quality clothing. For updates on Thobias, follow them on Instagram.

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