Star Morgan Ketzner Propels A Healthy And Necessary New Dialogue Across Social Media

by Thomas Herd

On the surface, Instagram presents a never ending series or picture perfect moments. There’s few personalities on Instagram that demonstrate such an aspirational ideal better than influencer Morgan Ketzner.

However, that’s quite far- as the star reveals- from what goes on behind the scenes.  Faced over and over again with poor representation from agencies, with small paying, highly demanding jobs, and with very few examples of other starlets who have made it out of her home state of Minnesota, Morgan nevertheless pursued a vision of breaking through into a life of her dreams.
The only way to do this- she realized early on- was to project the dream she wished to wake up into and own. That- beyond Morgan- is the only way anyone self made advances on the trajectory of their own ascension and actually makes it happen.
However, in doing so- and finally after years attaining a prominent influence over 750,000 adoring fans, Morgan’s mission is not to paint some fairy tale life of something that she recently broke into after a lot of hard work.
It’s more compassionate and conscientious than inspiring through appearance.  She believes she has a lot more to give to the world through opening up about how difficult it is for an influencer without any backing to attain financial self sustainability, about how important it is to show two sides of every experience- from behind the scenes versus in front of the camera to even examining two sides in today’s polarized political world, and about how vital it is to build meaningful relationships- especially with her audience- that make it easier for the next generation to accomplish the feats she has fought tooth and nail to achieve.
The conversation Morgan is striking is emblematic and representative of the positive change- and frankly healing- that many in our social media world are in need of and that those in power have the real capability to actually effect.
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