Model turned CEO Stephanie K. Nihon keeps taking Award-Winning Series, Goombay Kids to new heights

A trailblazer in the Caribbean entertainment space, CEO of a growing production house, and creator of Goombay Kids, now builds an impressive international team around the Award-Winning Children’s TV Series, which continues to break new ground.

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There are a few professionals whose only focus is achieving their personal goals; however, a handful of them from across different industries of the world stand apart because they work toward a more significant purpose with the genuine aim to create a positive impact in the lives of others through their work. People who belong to the latter category can also be called trailblazers who constantly work to pack a punch in their respective sectors. We couldn’t help but notice how Stephanie K. Nihon rose as one such phenomenal talent in the entertainment world.

This astute mind and creative soul is a Bahamian talent who has remained a prominent name in the modeling world, managed by Elite NYC, and has been the first from her country to be featured on top media outlets and magazines like Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper Bazaar and the like. She rose from a model to an influential personality and entrepreneur in films and entertainment, launching her production house, LFD Productions, for movies, TV, and events. As the CEO, she has brought much glory to the production company.

However, what has caught more attention among people about her is the incredible Award-Winning Children’s TV Series she created called “Goombay Kids.” Goombay Kids is a much-talked-about, fun-filled, educational, and cultural island adventure children’s show embracing the boundless spirit of exploration and the magic of discovery across the islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean.


Stephanie K. Nihon, the creator of the show, has now garnered even more attention for all the right reasons. She has built an impressive international team around the kid’s TV series for her unwavering commitment to showcasing the talent and culture of her home country, which has now been breaking ground in children’s entertainment.


Creating a journey of excellence and innovation from being a model to becoming a CEO, producer, and creator is a testament to the rigorous efforts she has put in every time to turn her visions into reality, transitioning seamlessly from the fashion world to the realm of films, TV, and entertainment.

Stephanie K. Nihon is proud that the #1 rated Caribbean Island Adventure Children’s TV Series, has seen an upward growth trend in reach, presence, and team. It has garnered 14 awards across film festivals, with the latest win at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Speaking more about Goombay Kids, she says that the live-action series features what primary-age kids love – learning from exciting mythological characters they meet along their adventures. The show helps empower kids, making them understand what they are capable of while including impactful messaging about the importance of protecting their environment, inclusion, and youth empowerment through magical storytelling.

Launched on the small island of Nassau in the Bahamas, the show aired on the local Bahamian cable network, Our TV, with a fully Bahamian cast and crew and award-winning Bahamian directors Maria Govan, Lanthro Munroe and Kareem Mortimer. Today, the same show has expanded its reach with four seasons and series airing on Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube Kids, and Happy Kids.

To further improve the quality and distribution of the TV series and elevating the production value, Stephanie K. Nihon decided to on-board incredible talents, expanding the international team like Jonathan Barbato (Starz, Best Ever Channels) head of distribution, Janis Shen (Sony Music, Wax Management) head of original music and influencer management, Jaka Benedicic (Talking Tom, Outfit7, Epic Story Media) acting as YouTube Director, Marva Allen (Wordee) and Patrice Samara (Sesame Street, Muppet Babies) both in the position of book publishing, and Gustavo Aparicio (Spanglish) as head of Latin American distribution.

Goombay Kids is about empowering children with powerful and relevant messages in engaging stories. Stephanie K. Nihon is excited to welcome an impressive international team that truly understands the vision and loves the series.

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