What Is the Future of Wellness? PR Maven Megan Driscoll Weighs In

by The Daily Front Row
Megan Driscoll

Megan Driscoll, CEO and founder of EvolveMKD, a PR and digital communications agency, gives The Daily Summer the scoop on why wellness and self care are having a moment!

What inspired you to specialize in the beauty and wellness space?
I’ve always been involved in the beauty and wellness space throughout my career, working with clients like IT Cosmetics, Clarisonic, and Perricone. I love how beauty, wellness, and science are becoming so interconnected, and that being healthy is an important component of being beautiful.

Why do you think “wellness” and “self-care” have become so popular?
I think it’s part of this movement about putting “you” first. As a business owner, that was something I had to come to terms with: I couldn’t be my best self for my husband, friends, family, teammates, clients, or anyone else if I wasn’t taking care of myself before anything else. People are catching on that making smart choices about health and wellness pays dividends in other aspects of your life.


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Any beauty/wellness trend predictions?
I keep waiting for someone to figure out hair thinning, hair loss, and graying hair. To me, that’s the holy grail of aesthetics. I wish I could solve it; it’d be a huge brand or treatment if it actually works. I think we’re going to continue to see new uses for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, and I know there’s an exciting new treatment for cellulite on the horizon. Check back with me in 2020! In terms of trends, I think we are going to see more ways for women and men to be their best advocates in healthcare, beauty, and wellness, with more virtual ways to manage their treatments and health plans, as well as interact with healthcare professionals.

What’s in the pipeline for fall?
We’re marking our five-year anniversary in September, with a big celebration in New York City with all our clients, media friends, and people who have really made Evolve possible over the years. I’m working on taking a moment to look around and really enjoy what we’ve built! Other than that, we’re going to continue our march toward world domination.

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