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(NEW YORK) Elle Fanning Might Be An International Film Star, But She Can’t Drive Yet [Elle]
Consider this the only thing this petite starlet doesn’t have time for. 

Finalement, The Maker Of Cara Delevingne And Rihanna’s Grills Steps Forward [Vogue]
Her custom tooth designs have become quite covetable these days! 

The Full Blown Beauty Diary of Lucky‘s Laurel Pantin [Racked]
The glossy’s market editor even discloses that she does some browsing in the beauty closet for some well-deserved treats.

The Story Of Stella McCartney As A Designer [The Guardian]
She’s the type who wears her own brand, and only that, from head to toe.

BULLETT Opens Their Very First NYC Shop [Bullett]
It’s an extension of their e-shop, curated with special labels and unique pieces.