LIE SANGBONG Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

For his spring show, Lie Sang Bong devised a collection of more than just ornately constructed garments. Dubbed Dream Road, this collection was created in response to the maritime disaster in South Korea last April. “It’s about hope,” said Lie, who was deeply affected by the disaster in his native country. The clothes displayed positivity and brightness, whether via a crisp white cotton menswear-inspired dress or a white gown made of silk with a butterfly printed bustier, these looks all evoked a positivity. Each piece was crisply tailored but the consummate coupling of fabric and color added softness, femininity, and texture. The whites, violets, and sky blues paired seamlessly with the linens, cottons, silk organza and chiffon. Another exciting element was the collaboration with artist and sculptor Jang Seung-Hyo who installed the glass ‘collage-to-photo’ tiles for the runway that depicted previous and the current butterfly designs. Suffice it to say, Lie’s spring collection will put clients in a very good mood.

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