Kristina Edwards – Meet the Entrepreneur Who Found Her Calling in Social Media and Marketing

by DN News Desk

In recent years marketing has made the online world its kingdom, and its main method of customer engagement is through social media. This technological new world order has created marketing experts who excel in social media engagement. Kristina Edwards is an entrepreneur who found her true calling in this modern world of social media marketing. Edwards already had a known social media presence when she branched out with her marketing company Classy Chic Marketing. She shared her passion for all things beauty with an Instagram page that documented her style, with posts showcasing her daily looks.  Classy Chic Marketing dovetailed her mission to make an impact online. The company offers several packages for those looking to rejuvenate their social media presence, from a full Instagram audit to tailored media kits. Edwards believes that those hoping to make social media their main revenue source need to work smarter, not just harder. She says, “there are endless ways to boost your online presence and extend your reach every day from just one social media account; you just have to be open to them.” Though Kristina Edwards’ transition from land acquisitions to the world of marketing doesn’t seem like an obvious evolution, she slowly moved towards this new arena of helping companies present their best image for some time. Edwards managed marketing and events for a construction company before she made the leap to full-time marketing. Edwards explains that she believes a brand’s image is one of the most critical elements of its marketing; she says, “Brand image is crucial for success in a brand’s marketing campaign, I aim to help each brand present its most authentic self on social media. This process feels natural to me as it is the approach I took in my role as an influencer.” Social media is an invaluable tool for any brand that wants to expand its reach, and enlisting the help of those who consider the medium to be their true calling, will always pay off.

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Andi O’Brien February 23, 2021 - 3:20 PM

Great article. Influencer marketing is huge and the need for media kits is important. I use to work with brands.


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