Top Models Go See World-Renowned Sports Medicine Coach Fabrice Gautier

by The Daily Front Row

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Written by Madison Nagle

He’s left skid marks on the hardwood for 14 years, but as his ever-growing client list expands, Fabrice Gautier appears to be leaving his footprint on the runway. For over a decade, Gautier, a European osteopath and physical therapist, has helped players around the league with his “magic hands.” He keeps the players bodies aligned during the season, and feels that this type of therapy should extend to other vocations outside the athletic realm.

Fabrice Gautier at work

Gautier’s luxury cliental often leads him around the globe, but his time spent in New York City has allowed him to pave a quick road to prominence in the fashion industry. Known as “The Flying Osteopath” and “The Body Mechanic,” Gautier’s passion for physical therapy has recently extended to some of the top models in the industry.

Along with the fame and success of modeling, comes the gruesome travel hours, crazy sleep schedule and hard-core training. Gautier believes that these models are very similar to the professional athletes that he works with, in the sense that their bodies often need realignment and the removal of layers of dysfunction. Usually gaining new clients simply from word of mouth, it seems that Instagram has become Gautier’s newest marketing tool. In the digital world, and especially in the modeling industry, Instagram is utilized as a top advertising platform. While working with

Fabrice Gautier at work

Victoria Secret Angel, Zuri Tibby, the model shared to her followers the process, and from there a snowball effect began.

Eager to see what the hype was all about, other models started reaching out. Gautier’s blend of physical therapy and osteopathy that he employs in his practice soon became a hot commodity. His client list now includes top models such as Lais Ribeiro, who he worked with in both Paris and before the Victoria Secret fashion show, Herieth Paul, Lameka Fox, and Cat McNiel, pictured below.

Fabrice Gautier at work

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